Why Investing In Gold Today Is A Good Idea


Thinking of investing money into something? Gold is a perfect item to invest wealth in. There are many benefits to gold over other investments. I describe some of the advantages of gold investment below.


First, gold is a physical asset. You own the gold and you have it. It is not like a paper certificate where you own stock of a company. When you buy gold, you actually have gold. Physical assets are typically safer and more durable than non-physical assets like bonds, stocks and CDs in times of economic crisis. If you want the maximum safety against economic catastrophe, gold is one of the safest investments of wealth you can make.


Second, gold will always have value. It is a precious metal that can easily be converted into other currency. This is called liquidity and gold is one of the most liquidable financial investments out there. It does matter where you live, gold will have value in your area, regardless of economic conditions.


Paper money can lose value due to economic recession and may even become worthless as history has shown. When the value of paper money goes down, the price and value of gold often goes up. It is a relationship that is inversely connected. Companies can go out of business and stock could become worthless. A government may default on its debt and fail to pay out bondholders. A gold investment will never do that. In fact, gold has been shown to steadily increase in value over time.


Lastly, gold can be both an investment that has currency value as well as precious metal value. Gold coins have both a currency value and a precious metal value depending on their gold content. Coins minted from gold are a smart investment because they can be traded for both their currency value and their gold value. If the value of currency goes up, you will win with gold coins. If the value of currency goes down, but the value of gold goes up, then you will still win. This makes gold coins one of the best investments.


Are you looking to buy gold coins for your investment portfolio? US Money Reserve is one of the leading distributors of gold coins, silver coins, platinum coins and gold bullion. The coins sold by the US Money Reserve are certified by the US Mint and have both US currency dollar value and a gold content of about .999. Gold collectible coins are also available through US Mint. US Money Reserve is located in Austin, Texas and can be reached by telephone toll free at 1-866-646-8465.

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Davos CAP Calculator: Best Thing That Happened To Real Investors

Today, more and more companies are in the pursuit for absorbing technology into their operations. Davos Real Estate Group has not been left behind. In the article, the company launches their mobile application called the Davos CAP Calculator, an app that enables investors to calculate and figure the return on investment on real estate. This application makes it easier for clients who are looking into investing into the industry and understanding what to expect before venturing.



From the article, we gather that the company has done an incredible job in designing the application and in making sure that both android users and iPhone iOS users get the chance to use the app on their phones. Most businesses can borrow a leaf from Davos Real Estate Group on market research and the ways to reach their clients. Some of the apps being developed today are not compatible with some phones. Which is a great mistake for them. However, the company has made sure that the app can be reached by their target market.



More importantly, entrepreneurs in real estate need to borrow a leaf from Davos Real Estate Group and get to know their clients in a more detailed manner. Clients need to be assured that whatever the venture they are undertaking is profitable. With the app, more clients will be attracted to go for it.



Davis Osio is currently the chief executive officer and the financial advisor expert at Davos Financial Group. Previously, he was the vice president of the Banco Latino International where he took the role of supervising and managing the baking areas. Here, he worked for four years between the years 1989 and 1993. His career path started when he graduated from Universidad Catolica Andres Bello as a lawyer where he did international banking law. All his success have been attributed to his great leadership qualities and ability to lead his subordinate and motivate them to achieving the set objectives.

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At Davos Financial Group, he has used his skills to guide the company into financial freedom and gaining a competitive advantage and position in the industry. In the twenty five and more years he has been working in the financial sector, Davos has acquired adequate knowledge and skills that he has used to guide the company towards its growth in the market. More of his achievements include expanding the company’s offices to New York, Geneva, Miami and other cities where they have concentrated in providing excellent services to their clients all over.

Brian Torchin Delivers On Target

Brian Torchin is the current president of HCRC Staffing based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. HCRC prides itself on respect, trust, and consistent delivery of excellent results in the healthcare and legal industries. Typical medical positions include medical doctors, urgent care, chiropractors, dentists as well as legal positions as attorneys, paralegals, office managers, and many more.

Brian himself has published many articles on medical staff interviewing, robust hiring practices, and maintaining great relationships between doctors and staff. He regularly reaches out via both Facebook and Twitter, publishing hiring opportunities for healthcare professionals across the country.

According to The Valanx, Brian Torchin has been featured in CNN’s iReport column numerous times, touting his success in healthcare recruiting. Personally demonstrating his commitment to helping others, Brian blogs regularly on HCRC’s website, providing advice for guiding law firms through digital transitions, detailed HIPAA misconceptions, and how to retain top talent to name a few.

Brian’s clients recommend him strongly for clients looking for a personal touch for a competitive price. They also tout how quickly he provides candidates who are extremely suited to the open position. The difference with Brian is that he truly enjoys helping people and seeing small businesses in the medical community succeed.

He understands that staffing is not often a highlight of a healthcare manager’s job, but proper hiring is pivotal to the success of a practice. Brian with HCRC Staffing delivers appropriate staff that a practice requires for success.

The healthcare industry is experiencing record-setting growing and shows no signs of slowing down. To meet the increased demand for services, Brian Torchin and HCRC will deliver reputable staffing services for any medical practice.

Oncotarget Delivers Quality In-Depth Research Materials

Oncotarget is a platform for research in the oncology and related areas on a weekly basis. Since 2010, the publication has provided up-to-date, carefully researched papers and articles about oncology and other topics that are related to the research and treatment of oncology.

Such topics as Cardiology, Immunology/Microbiology, Endocrinology, Pharmacology, Neuropathology/Neuroscience, Geotarget/Aging, Metabolism and other pertinent subjects on Twitter can be included as they relate to the research and treatment in the oncology and cancer fields.

Headed by Editors-in-Chief, Mikhail V. Blagosklonny, and Andrei V. Gudkov, both of The Roswell Park Cancer Institute of Buffalo, NY, Oncotarget has become a major contributor to specific and detailed research on Endnote.com results in the cancer treatment discipline. The submitted papers are thoroughly evaluated and held to the strictest standards so that viability and accuracy are attributes that are always maintained.

All articles are submitted to the Editorial Board where they are subjected to a peer review at https://www.linkedin.com/company/oncotarget. At least two peer editors evaluate the submitted articles so that the balance of integrity and excellence is always in the forefront of the process. It is required that the editors who are assigned the peer review are experts in the topic of discussion in the submitted article.

The authors are required to present their thesis clearly and the citations must be from credible sources, experiments, and quality facts that are thoroughly researched. It is important that new articles on DovePress have the brevity and uniqueness of fresh information and application and not a rehash of previous research. The emphasis is on moving the topic forward so new information can be brought forth for practical use.

Editors are very sensitive as to how the research articles are written so that opinions and reflections are not a part of the essay. Influences such as political leanings, prejudicial influence, religious subtleties, slander, gender issues, racial issues, and other outside and personal persuasions are not allowed to be a part of the articles.

Editors of Oncotarget are prohibited from using any part of submitted articles for their own use, and they are charged with the keeping of confidentiality of all material that is submitted. This process, along with the peer review concepts keeps the material pure and fresh. When the article is finally published, the readers are assured that they are getting the most current and unbiased information possible.

The approved articles are published on a weekly basis to make the newest information readily available at the earliest opportunity. This helps to move new research into the medical community which is timely for use in treatment and understanding in practical use.

Lime Crime Makeup: Modern, Sparkly, Bold And A Bit Naughty

If you’ve kept to the beauty dress code all these years and are bored to tears (yawn), then it’s time to take a walk on the wild side. The giant cosmetics companies had ruled the makeup etiquette for decades; that’s until Doe Deere launched Lime Crime. For years, women were told what cosmetics colors were acceptable and at what hours of the day to wear a certain look. These days, those rigid, silly rules have fallen by the wayside.

The makeup is bold, fresh and unapologetic. In other words, these gorgeous and hauntingly beautiful lipsticks, eye shadows and eye liners are sexy, bad a**, vivid and modern. You don’t have to say sorry to anyone when wearing this brand. CEO and founder Doe Deere created a makeup line that was empowering to young women and men on any corner of the globe. Bold, highly pigmented makeup like hers, allows you to define your own, unique beauty standards, and her message is resonating everywhere.


Lime Crime fanatics are glued to the product line. When a new shade or texture comes out, the item sells out fast, and it’s easy to see why. Russia native Doe Deere launched her brand in 2008, hoping to add a new chapter to the book of cosmetics. Her colors are exceptionally bizarre and stunning. Her latest invention are the Matte Velvetines, liquid matte lipsticks inspired by rose petals. Those hues are striking, very wearable and high glam or downtown funk. It depends on how you wear them. Pumpkin, Thistle, Red Velvet, Wisteria and Shroom, these are all head-turning colors.


The brand has developed into a social media knock-out, with its Instagram account alone, racking up the numbers with more than 2.4 million followers. Celebrities have caught the flavor and sensuality of the brand, and famous socialite Paris Hilton is the latest IT girl to put some on. The gorgeous blonde beauty is adorned in Lime Crime cosmetics for the cover of Galore Mag.


The independent makeup brand is made in Los Angeles, California and proud to be a certified vegan and cruelty-free beauty company.  Read more about what they have to offer, and what colors LimeCrime has available on Teen Vogue.

Solvy Provides An Educational Platform For Math Students

An absolutely free online education platform has entered the world. SOLVY is a homework platform for students, teachers and schools. Students can access problems that are picked by their teachers. Teachers can assign problems that are tailored to a student’s specific needs. When students require a little extra help based on their homework results, SOLVY alerts the teacher.

This free online platform saves teachers time and provides great insight for learning in the classroom. SOLVY is accessible on many different devices. Teachers can even see their student’s work for each problem to pinpoint errors.

 SOLVY was created by Alexei Beltyukov, a Russian entrepreneur. Aside from being an entrepreneur, Alexei Beltyukov is also a committed philanthropist. He formed Endemic Capital in 2013 as a way to give funding to start-up companies and has also started many other organizations to help Russians trying to start a business.

Alexei Beltyukov also founded A-Ventures Ltd., a company that assists other companies with financial assistance when they are struggling with their own finances. In addition, he helped create the Russian Alumni Scholarship of INSEAD, a scholarship program that provides financial support to those accepted at INSEAD University.

He graduated from INSEAD in 1997 with his Master’s degree in Business Administration. As Vice President of the Skolkovo Foundation, Alexei Beltyukov works with the Russian government to give economic guidance. This foundation provides opportunities as well as grants to Russian start-up companies.

Now, Alexei Beltyukov is heading the SOLVY project, incorporating technical coordinators, teachers, and administrators to lead the process. SOLVY has been ranked one of the most successful startups in this particular field. Alexei Belyukov desires all students to have a way of enhancing their education while simultaneously simplifying work for teachers.

Understanding the SEC Whistleblower Program

In 2010, Congress amended the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. One of the amendments of the Dodd-Frank Act was the introduction of a whistleblower program to provide financial incentives and employment protections for people who expose possible violations of federal security laws to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).



The Pioneers of the Whistleblower Practice



Labaton Sucharow became the first law firm in the U.S. to start a practice that focused exclusively on advocating and protecting SEC whistleblowers. The whistleblower representation practice at Labaton Sucharow involves an in-house team of financial analysts, investigators, and forensic accountants with state and federal law enforcement experience. The team’s leader is Jordan Thomas, the former assistant chief litigation counsel and director in a section involved with enforcement within the SEC. Jordan was among the masterminds who drafted the legislation and implemented the rules.



Compensation Under the Whistleblower Program



Under the whistleblower program, eligible whistleblowers are entitled to 10-30% of the monetary sanctions acquired from a successful enforcement action by SEC or in cases where sanctions are more than $1 million. Whistleblowers may also receive additional awards depending on monetary sanctions collected resulting from actions by other law enforcement and regulatory organizations.



Who are Eligible Whistleblowers?



A person can be an eligible whistleblower if they provide SEC with original information regarding a possible violation of federal securities laws that have either occurred, are ongoing, or about to happen. The deep understanding of a SEC whistleblower attorney on matters regarding the Whistleblower program and the enforcement of the program allows them to guide whistleblowers through the difficulty involved in reporting possible violations while minimizing the risk of employers retaliating and maximizing potential monetary compensation.



How Can Information Result in a Successful SEC Action?



Your information is helpful if it causes SEC to initiate a fresh investigation, re-open a previously concluded investigation, or pursue a new inquiry into the ongoing investigation. Your information is also helpful if it causes SEC to succeed in an enforcement action. Additionally, your information is helpful if it is related to an ongoing investigation and results in an enforcement action. You information is also credible if you report it to your company which in turn reports it to SEC. For information to lead to a successful SEC action, it must be reported to SEC within 120 days.



You can learn more about the whistleblower program by requesting a SEC whistleblower lawyer for a case evaluation. All case evaluations and initial consultations are confidential, free, and secured by the attorney-client privilege.



Study Kabbalah with the Kabbalah Centre

How Kabbalah Can Improve Your Life

Kabbalah is Judaism’s spiritual and mystical side. It revolves around a document called the Zohar, which contains spiritual and mystical interpretations of the Torah. The Torah is the holy book of Jews and is the main tenet of Judaism. The Zohar is attributed to a rabbi by the name of Simon Bar Yochai. He is considered to be one of the great kabbalists of all time. In the Zohar, Rabbi Simon Bar Yochai condensed many years and works of Kabbalah study and interpretations.


If one wants to study Kabbalah seriously, then he or she must study the Zohar at least briefly. Of course, the Zohar is not the only work on Kabbalah but it is considered to be the main one and one of the most extensive ones available. Many other works on Kabbalah are based on it.


For example, according to Kabbalah, there was an event similar to the big bang from which the universe and all life forms sprang up from. There is also an attempt of Kabbalah to explain the purpose of life. There is a physical or wordly realm where we reside and there are other higher realms where the spirits reside. Kabbalah says that we can connect to the higher realms through our dreams, meditation and when we do noble things.


Where You Can Study Kabbalah And Learn More About It

The Kabbalah Centre is a religious study organization that was founded in 1984 in Los Angeles, California by Rabbi Philip Berg. The founder, Rabbi Berg believed that everybody should be able to study Kabbalah and glean wisdom from it to improve their lives. Before the Kabbalah Centre made Kabbalah available to the layman, Kabbalah study was mostly restricted to scholars such as Rabbi Berg.


Today the Kabbalah Centre continues the mission of Rabbi Philip Berg by hosting classes in its Los Angeles campus and dozens of other locations around the world. If you cannot reach a Kabbalah Centre location, you can study Kabbalah from your home via online classes taught by a Kabbalist.

More visit: https://kabbalaheurope.com/

George Soros Continues His Political Career Following Trump 2016 Victory

George Soros has spent a large amount of time exploring the best ways of bringing democracy to the people of the world through his political donations and the work of his Open Society Foundations. Soros has focused largely on bringing democracy to those trapped in closed societies, such as Russia, through the work of his own Open Society Foundations group since 2008 when he assisted President Barrack Obama’s campaign for the White House; Soros largely sat out the 2012 election cycle and chose instead to focus his efforts on bringing publicity to the refugee crisis that has been growing across parts of the Middle East and Europe in the last decade.

In 2016, George Soros has returned to political giving in the U.S. with a large splash as he embarked on a crusade to assist Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in her bid to become the first female President of the country. Soros had set records in 2004 with donations totaling over $27 million to the campaign of Presidential nominee John Kerry, but came close to breaking his record for political giving in 2016 with around $25 million provided for the Clinton campaign. George Soros returned to the campaign trail after renewing his 25 year friendship with the former Secretary of State and being given access to the Presidential nominee in the buildup to the election to discuss policy ideas with the candidate.

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George Soros provided funding for the campaign of Clinton in a number of different ways as he backed her personal funds, and provided funding for the many Super PAC’s backing the Democrat in her election bid, the Hungarian born former refugee has been revealed to have given around $10 million in donations to Super PAC’s over the course of 2016. The growing importance of Soros in bringing other donors to the Clinton campaign was shown with his invitation to the Democratic convention, an invitation he eventually turned down to continue to monitor the refugee crisis in Europe that has spread from the war torn country of Syria.

Following the end of the 2016 Presidential elections and the victory of Republican Donald Trump, George Soros has not sat back and licked his wounds after the shocking loss for Hillary Clinton. The success of Donald Trump prompted Soros to embark on an appearance at the meeting of the influential Democracy Alliance group at its planned meeting in Washington D.C.; Soros had not planned to appear at the meeting, but has now decided his position as a leader for the left leaning political party requires him to look for new ways of returning the party to power in the 2017 and 2018 state level elections.

Entrepreneurship And Leadership Skills Taking Dick DeVos To Higher Positions

Dick DeVos professional résumé reads perfectly with achievement upon achievement and success after success in all his public and private undertaking. He is a business executive and an entrepreneur with a flair for politics and philanthropy is close to his heart. He was the first born son of a multi-billionaire Richard DeVos, the co-founder of Amway’s Corporations.

Dick DeVos took over the mantle of Amway’s Corporation in 1993 to 2012 during which he expanded the firm’s operations to fifty countries on six continents. He also increased sales to a tune of $4.5billion. As the president of Amway’s, he restructured the firm to form Alticor Corporation, a group of companies that comprised of Amway’s Corporation, Access Business group, and Quixtar Corporation.

Having begun his career at Amway’s Corporation, he understood how to drive sales and expand business chains. In 1974, he worked in various capacities, and it was not until 1984 that he was made the Vice President in charge of branches in 18 countries.

In 1991, he was entrusted to manage the family’s basketball franchise as the CEO and president of the Orlando Magic’s NBA team. He resigned his position to become the president of the WindQuest Group, a private financial investment entity with investments in the energy and manufacturing sector. He is also a member of the board of directors.

As a man with a passion, and professional training in jet and helicopter flying, he formed the West Michigan Aviation Academy in 2010, the first of its type where public high school students learn to fly.

He was a local community leader who initiated the Education Freedom Fund that offers scholarships to thousands of students in Michigan. DeVos loves progress in the society and through his position as the Grand Rapids Committee chairman, he has been instrumental in championing key infrastructural developments in the downtrodden areas. Through his Dick and Betsy Family Foundation established in 1989, he has helped improve the health care system by opening a $90 million medical school and, a $130 million heart hospital.

Dick DeVos is married to Betsy Prince, and together they have seven children and five grandchildren. He is also an author of a New York Times best-seller known as “Rediscovering American Values.”