More Than Two Decades Of Service With Sussex Healthcare

For twenty-five years Sussex Healthcare has operated facilities throughout England. Since 1985 the combination of Shiraz Boghani’s experience as a successful entrepreneur and Shafik Sachedina’s knowledge and understanding of the dental practice has generated more than twenty operating healthcare facilities today.

Sussex Healthcare specializes in live-in facilities for people dealing with a variety of mental and physical health disorders. The philosophy is that all people deserve continued access to a social life and leisure time.

There are skilled staff and caregiving support teams. Amanda Morgan-Taylor, the chief executive officer, understands management’s point of view as well as someone working directly with patients. And, Corrine Wallace, the head of marketing, has been a consultant in the healthcare industry for years and has earned a Master’s Degree in Business Administration.

Sussex Healthcare offers several types of care:

When it comes to the care of older people, onsite providers meet patients’ medical needs, and a regular part of operations is the use of additional therapeutic programs.

Adults with physical development issues and learning issues are helped with multisensory rooms, pools, and specialized care.

Specialized, palliative care is offered for those who are terminally ill with an emphasis on compassion regarding pain management and end-of-life decisions.

Their philosophy, also, emphasizes that those suffering from dementia ought to continue living an active and community-oriented life, and personalized plans are created to help each person manage their memory difficulties.

There’s care for individuals with a wide variety of neurological conditions, including Huntington’s disease, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and many more.

Sussex Healthcare
Working with colleges and institutions, Sussex Healthcare provides support for those with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities (PMLD), so patients can shop for their own food, get work, and live as normal a life as possible.

For more than two decades they have developed caring, vibrant, and award-winning facilities for older people and those with disabilities.


Dr. Mark Mofid is Making Implants Safer

As a plastic surgeon, Dr. Mark Mofid continues to work at making implants safer for his patients. He earned his degree at Harvard and Johns Hopkins University. He has several medical establishments in the San Diego area and is one of the best in his field.

Dr. Mark Mofid is an innovator and continues his efforts to make implants safer. He is well known for the improvements he has made to implants. When he first started out as an implant surgeon, he realized right away that implants were very generic in design. He wasted no time in redesigning them. He improved the ratio of the implants which resulted in a better placement and a better-looking product.

Dr. Mark Mofid has also improved the process of implant surgery. He is always looking for ways to make improvements so that his patients have a smooth and stress-free experience. When he first meets with his patients, he listens to them very carefully. He wants to understand their concerns and needs. He seems to have done an excellent job at listening and understanding what his patients want as he does not have to spend money on advertising. His patients come to him by word of mouth.

As the doctor continues his career, he takes the necessary time to learn and seek out improvements in his field continually. He works closely with one of the best implant doctors in the world. Dr. Raul Gonzales is based out Brazil and has been working in the implant field since 1984. He has performed thousands of surgeries over the decades. Dr. Mark Mofid has taken the opportunity to work with Dr. Raul Gonzales to benefit his patients.

Dr. Mark Mofid is very passionate about his work and continues to look for improvements and advancement opportunities in his field. His primary goal is to make sure his patients are delighted with the results of his work.

Rocketship Education Rockets to Close the Growth Gap

Measurements of proficiency and growth play a fundamental role in the determination of a child’s academic progress. However, it is important to acknowledge the difference in proficiency and growth. Growth exhibits the amount that a student has learned over an allotted amount of time while proficiency is strictly a measurement of grade level. Academic instruments such a MAP, or Measures of Academic Progress, allows us to track individual student growth over a the course of an academic year. While it is important to track the growth of all students, tracking the growth of poverty stricken students is crucial because they often fall significantly behind in rates of growth and proficiency. Since their initial opening, Rocketship Public Schools has been using MAP and haven proven the value of emphasizing individual student growth over proficiency. Despite common assumption, it is possible for economically disadvantaged youth to grow more than a grade level. Rocketship Public Schools has closed the growth gap among disadvantaged youth with their implementation MAP and their prioritization of individual academic growth.

Rocketship Education is a network of charter schools founded by John Danner and Preston Smith in 2006 with approximately one thousand employees. Rocketship Education is a nonprofit public elementary charter school that aims toward repairing the growth-gap among economically disadvantaged children. The schools focus on personalized learning to match the individual academic and growth needs of their students. In addition to personalized learning, the school also depends on methods such as parent engagement, teacher diversity, and technology to aid in the closure of the growth gap.

Parent engagement is developed by building programs to propel parents into political leadership among their communities. Parent engagement with students is promoted with the annual home visits that the school makes to ensure parent student engagement. Teacher diversity also plays a fundamental role in children achieving their highest level of academic achievement. Teachers who belong to different races, ethnicity, and backgrounds has a huge impact in student learning. Rocketship Public Schools also ensure that their teachers embrace personal growth and feedback with a willingness to learn and master their teacher skills, even teachers with seniority.

Joe Arpaio is pardoned by the President Making Lacey and Larkin Extremely Unpleased

Without a doubt, the history of presidential pardons in America has never been this unusual to the point of the ordinary citizens running to the streets to riot. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

The recent pardoning of Sherriff Joe Arpaio by President Donald Trump is not only inclined towards creating a social discourse but also shaping one. Alongside describing him as America’s toughest cop, it looks like the justice system has been compromised this time.

Background Data

Most people may probably remember him as the sheriff whose heinous acts cover the wrongful imprisonment of immigrants and Jim Larkin as well as Michael Lacey, the two owners of one media house called Village Voice.

What Happened?

On one evening in 2010, when Lacey and Larkin were in their separate homes with their families, of course, black USV’s approached their homes and in were the Maricopa Selective Unit Agents who forcefully found their way into their homes and arrested the duo. Unknowingly to them, the arrest warrant was facilitated by Joe Arpaio.

The two men were forcibly hauled into the vehicles even after attempting to defy the arrest orders. Apparently, they were arrested on the charges of disseminating valuable information regarding a grand-jury.

The Village Media Paper

A more in-depth look into the series of events shows that Lacey and Larkin were the masterminds behind the entire saga of disclosing the misgivings of Sheriff Joe Arpaio through Village Voice Media publications and the Phoenix New Times. Unfortunately, they were unaware that the grand-jury was on their case.

The Cases

Because the media personalities were trying to expose his misgivings, Arpaio was devastated. However, the more he was depressed by the circumstances, the more media houses dug deeper into his character.

Other than that, his department was in trouble as well. This is in the line of his deputies’ attitudes and their aggressive ways of dealing with inmates. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

Well, on a few occasions, Joe Arpaio was commanded to stop arresting immigrants based on their races as that was an offense on its own.

Even so, that did not stop. He went on with his business, as usual, always making biased arrests based on how an individual also looked if innocence was appended to their character. Now the major issue of his arrest came up when he was ordered to appear in court.

Additional Information

Joe Arpaio decided to disregard the judge’s order by refusing to appear in court. At that juncture, the jury ruled against him.

Consequently, he became a character of interest to the judiciary. He was set to appear in court for other multiple issues including mishandling inmates, torturing them, segregating them and using his deputies to do all the dirty work.

The Overview

As well know, justice delayed is justice denied. Arpaio’s case has never seen the light of justice until now. Besides, President Trump has pardoned him. This is an actual demeaning move to the democracy of the most influential state in the world.

Well, Lacey and Larkin and not happy about it. Neither are law experts from different areas of specialty.

Breaking the DJ stereotype – Alex Pall and the Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers being a pioneering band in changing the entire concept of a DJ and developing an emotionality towards their work, Mathias Rosenzweig, tries to understand more about them and their vision.

In an attempt to understand, how the duo even came about, Alex and Andrew both recount their starting days within the music industry. Both artists being passionate about DJing and electronic music had already decided that their careers must be within this field, and when their paths crossed, they took no time in realizing that to work together was the way forward. The main reason for this click being that both the artists not only realized the strengths that the other brought to the table, but their level of enthusiasm, as well as, knowledge of the industry, was completely on par.

When questioned about whether being a DJ made having an image as an artist difficult, they admitted that it could have, but the duo had decided to deviate from the norm. Alex further elaborated, that they stopped limiting themselves, started being emotionally invested in what they wrote and the results showed. He also went on to explain that, this was an important step, unlike many other artists and DJs the Chainsmokers started writing songs which were based on their own lives and also had their original lyrics within it. It was within this struggle that a song like ‘closer’ emerged.

Mathias goes on to ask about the audience that the band is connecting to, and taking advantage of social media and the demographics that it displays, they explain how their audience over the years, has developed from being only college kids to be much more diverse and even international. This does pose a positive challenge to them while performing, as they have to not only ensure that the shows are unique and exciting but also that they cater to the various age groups that follow them. To them this is key, the pressure and the willingness to always improve and to always deliver better, while staying true to themselves.

Securus Technologies Moves To Counter Drones From Delivering Contraband

Drones are quickly becoming part of our lifestyles. They are popular in photography, facility inspections, and small parcel deliveries among numerous other applications.

However, drones are being used in prisons for far more nefarious activities. An increasing number of inmates are quickly appreciating the technology’s potential and putting it to practical use. They are being used to ferry contraband to inmates.


Drone-related security incidences


The drone incursions are considered the latest and most creative assault on public safety yet. Securus Technologies is at the forefront of providing public safety solutions to prisons.

True to our pioneering legacy at the Dallas-based prison technology firm, we are taking the new drone challenge head-on. We are at an advanced stage of testing drone detection technology. This strategy is an impeccable counter-move to combat the threats from drones.

In the recent past, we have seen a marked increase in the use of unmanned aerial vehicles to supply contraband to prisoners. This problem is affecting a number of our facilities, and we are unequivocal about getting to the bottom of the issue.

The contraband includes mobile phones, weapons, and various drugs among others. Drone technology is pushing at an alarming rate.

Cutting edge drones have also become more affordable. We have detected an increase in the number of incidents in facilities associated with drones. More federal and state facilities are reporting drone-related security incidences across the country.

For example, a drone was used to deliver tools to an inmate in South Carolina. He used the tools to attempt an escape. In Ohio, a drone was used to deliver a cocktail of drugs to a prisoner.

On a related note, correctional services in the Cayman Islands use drones to protect the facilities from drug smugglers. Numerous commercial and private applications are guaranteed to take the technology into the future.

However, even though the bad guys seem to have a head start, we are hot on their heels. Soon, we shall declare our facilities drone-free zones.


Our advantage


As the leading prison technology company, we serve over three thousand facilities across the US. In a list of many firsts, we pioneered a system that controls the prevalence of illegal cellphones.

We were also the first on the market with a successful wireless containment system. The system stops illegal cell phones from connecting to the mobile communications networks from within our facilities.

Our new drone detection system is based on the same basic technology as the wireless containment solution. It leverages an advanced digital antenna solution that enables real-time scanning and monitoring.

How Organo Gold Company Came to Be

It is ultimately true that history defines the very nature of a person. The ability for any man or company surpassing their origin dictates how far of the journey they can go. The saying above can be a clear indication of the Organo Gold Company. The company’s founding father was Bernard Chua. Bernard Chua began the Oregano Cold Company in 2008. Watch this video on Youtube.

Bernard Chua is an expert when it comes to the marketing industry. He began the Company to help offer the coffee industry a multi-level marketing opportunity to individual coffee sellers to help them promote their coffee products. The Organo Gold Company maximizes on the fact that coffee is the second favorite and consumed beverage across the world.

Despite the harsh economic times, Coffee still exhibits durability and elasticity in almost every market in the world. It evident that coffee shops have taken up a majority of street corners and coffee products fill grocery shops stalls. With this growth in the coffee industry, it is expected that obtaining a stable market can prove to be difficult for individual sellers especially when offering plain coffee.

To help bridge the gap between the individual sellers and the market, Organo Gold steps in. The company produces its own different type of coffee and then sells the products using the multi-level marketing structure. The operation of this company is different. A board called the Scientific Advisory Board runs the Company. It has its offices in Canada and the USA.

The Company does not sell its products in retail shops or Coffeehouses. It acquires the assistance of individual sellers who purchase their coffee products from Organo gold in wholesale. The distributors then sell the company’s products using their effort. The total earnings they acquire is split into 50% with the Company.


The company uses Multi-level marketing, which allows individual marketers to advertise, promote, and sell their products on a regular basis. The whole team of distributors, salespersons, and the company share the profit earned from each sale. The products the Company produces include a diversity of Ganoderma blends.

Ganoderma is a blend of gourmet coffee and mushroom. It is a traditional Chinese herb. The Ganoderma herb helps in the reduction of Cholesterol. It also has an antiviral component, which helps to improve your body’s immune system. It also helps give the Coffee a more productive and healthier taste in comparison to everyday Coffee.

Apart from Ganoderma Coffee, the company produces Ganoderma blended tea, hot chocolate, supplements and a latte blend. The growth of the company has been steady and consistent all through. The company sales to an expanded network of countries. The countries include Germany, Austria, Philippines, among others. Visit to know more about Organo Gold.

Clayton Hutson on new trends, working music tours, and a book recommendation

Clayton Hutson is a successful player in the music industry. He worked on the “Bleed Like Me” world tour with the famous Band Garbage. They traveled all over the world from North America, to Australia, to Europe where Mr. Hutson worked as their monitor engineer. He also worked for OneRepublic’s “Honda Civic Tour” during last summer in North America and Asia.


With all his previous experience as a live sound engineer, show producer, and much more Clayton was inclined to start his own business. He was working for a company when the recession hit them hard, and so it was the best time to start his own venture. Clayton Hutson takes lots of time and effort getting everything right so they show can go off without a hitch. He meticulously checks over every detail again and again to make sure everything runs smoothly. This means he shows up to the concert arena before 7 in the morning when he gets the day started and organized. Buying an iPhone was one of his best purchases he says. It allows his to get way more done and be more organized than before. He can stay in contact with his crew to make sure they stay informed about every aspect of their job.


There is new trends that excite the production manager including new lighting equipment. Not only is it much brighter, but it moves around on wheels making things much easier. Looking back on his life there are lessons he has learned. One of them being to prioritize family first above anything else. The other factor is to be completely honest with himself and others even if it’s uncomfortable. Clayton had worked with a subcontractor in the past and it did not go well. It was a hard and costly experience that made Mr. Hutson at how he runs things. Now he takes more measures to protect his company and their reputation from unnecessary hardship. On the same note Clayton recommends that people read “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff… and It’s All Small Stuff.” It helped the sound engineer focus on what was important to him and forget the rest.


New York City resident Clayton Hutson is an entrepreneur, businessman, and live sound engineer equipment expert to the stars. The avid hat collector works long hours and has an eye for detail to show clients like Kid Rock that he knows what he’s doing. The California native went to school for theater production and has not slowed down since then. Learn more:

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Prepares To Give Up His Position As CEO Of Banco Bradesco

After 25 years serving as the chairman of Banco Bradesco SA, Lazaro de Mello Brandao, one of the oldest banking chairmen in the world at 91, elected to step down from his position. Shortly after announcing that he would step down, Brandao appointed Luiz Carlos Trabuco, the CEO of the bank, as his successor. Trabuco eagerly took the position, becoming the chairman as soon as Brandao stepped down. He will continue to serve as both CEO and chairman until Octavio de Lazari Jr. is appointed later this month.

Bradesco’s Board Restructures in Anticipation of Lazari’s Appointment
The board decided on Lazari as the new CEO in early February of this year. Currently, Lazari serves as vice president and will continue to do so until he is appointed as CEO. Additionally, he will maintain the position as president of the Bradesco Seguros group. Lazari has been working with Bradesco since the age of 15, almost 40 years ago according to

Lazari will be appointed to his new position as CEO during the inaugural meeting of Banco Bradesco’s new Board of Directors. The company’s new board of directors will be referring to the appointment of Lazari as the new CEO. While the composition of the new board has yet to be finalized, which will happen during a shareholders meeting shortly before Lazari’s appointment, there have been a number of changes within the board already.

Read more: Bradesco anuncia Octavio Lazari no lugar de Luiz Carlos Trabuco

A number of new members have been appointed to the board, all of which have long and illustrious careers with Banco Bradesco according to vv. The four new members are Domingos Figueiredo de Abreu, Josué Augusto Pancini, Maurício Machado de Minas, and Alexandre da Silva Glüher. Over their careers with Bradesco, they’ve striven to advance the bank’s many operations, and have put its success before their own gains. Aside from the appointment of the four new vice presidents, there have been a number of other changes to the board, including the resignation of Aurelio Conrado Boni from the Bradesco Board of Directors according to

Luiz Carlos Trabuco
Following Chairman Brandao’s long-expected retirement, the position of chairman was almost immediately handed to Luiz Carlos Trabuco, who, at the time, was serving as Banco Bradesco’s chief executive officer. He had been serving as the bank’s CEO since 2009 when he was originally appointed to the position. Prior to becoming the chief executive officer, Luiz Carlos Trabuco served as a vice president with Bradesco. Until Lazari’s formal appointment as CEO on the 18th of this month, Luiz Carlos Trabuco will continue to perform the duties of CEO in addition to his duties as chairman.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has been working with Banco Bradesco SA for the vast majority of his professional career, first joining the bank just barely under 50 years ago. His service with Bradesco has been of great benefit to the company, with many of the bank’s most successful operations being performed under him. His career with Bradesco has been long and his reputation within the company is one of renown. With the amount he’s done for Bradesco, it came as no surprise when he was announced as their new chairman.

Learn more about Luiz Carlos Trabuco:,bradesco-anuncia-substituto-de-luiz-trabuco-na-presidencia-do-banco,70002178384

Malcolm Casselle, A Modern Day Entrepreneur

OPSkins leads the world when it comes to sales of in-game virtual assets. The creators of OPSkins recently launched WAX, which is a new blockchain platform they’re using to evolve the way virtual asset trading works. Malcolm Casselle is the president of WAX, and he believes it will be a big step towards giving the world of cryptocurrency a more mainstream appeal.


Being the president of WAX and the CIO of OPSkins, Malcolm Casselle is a first rate entrepreneur with a history rich in business. Having both a bachelor’s degree from MIT and a master’s degree from Stanford University, his knowledge of Computer Science is clearly shown on this business-growing veteran’s resume.


From his start in 1995 as a co-founder of NetNoir, it’s no understatement to say he’s been on a path of success from the very start. His founded website, which was based on Afrocentric culture, was the first outside company to be accepted into the AOL Greenhouse Program. In the following years from 1998-2002 Malcolm was a co-founder and Senior Vice president of Pacific Century CyberWorks, which went from startup to $38 billion market cap in a mere 18 months.


His list of mounting successes in the business world begin to lean more towards the gaming world as time goes on. In April 2012 he became CEO of Xfire, a global social network core for video game players. Not even a year later he also began serving as CEO of MediaPass, which is an online paywall solution that is used to create subscription-based revenues for digital content. That very same year, he co-founded yet another company called Timeline Labs where he once again served as CEO. When the company was acquired by SeaChange International in December 2014, he then went on to serve as Senior Vice President and General Manager of Digital Media for SeaChange International. His most recent business venture, which may very well change the trading of virtual assets as we know it, began in 2017, when he became the President of Worldwide Asset eXchange.