Why is Sheriff Arpaio so insensitive?

There is a plethora of reasons for why Sheriff Arpaio is insensitive and mean. First off, he really tried to crack down, big time, on illegal immigrants. It is insensitive to crack down on illegal immigrants because those people are just trying to build better lives for themselves.

They just happened to be born in the wrong place and live at the wrong time, so now they are fixing their lives by coming to America. Many times their countries of birth are infested with war, crime, gang violence and religious extremism. Some of these people are fleeing from friends or relatives who want to kill them.

Also, what Sheriff Arpaio has to take into account is the fact that there are some Mexicans who come to America to work and then eventually go back to Mexico. These types of illegal aliens do not intend to live in America because America is a foreign land to them, and they want to live with their families in their homeland.

For a long time, “illegal immigration” on the Mexican border wasn’t really something that was made a big deal about. Mexicans would come and go freely as they pleased. Usually, they would migrate to America to do agricultural jobs, and then go back to Mexico. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia and Jim Larkin | LinkedIn

This has been a natural cycle for many years. Mexicans do this so that they can make a good salary for their families back home, where American money is worth more.

There are many other reasons—not relating to immigration, that show just how mean Sheriff Arpaio is. For example, he fed rotting bread and fruit to the people in his jails. Nobody wants to eat rotten food. Feeding people rotten food is a cruel and unusual punishment that can make people seriously ill. Eating rotten food should be taken very seriously.

Another reason for why he is insensitive is because of the fact that jail conditions deteriorated under his kingly rule. Mentally ill people were not given the care that they so desperately needed. People were kept in outdoor, low quality, “tent cities.” All of the inmates—even the guys—were forced to wear dainty, bright pink outfits.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey

If it wasn’t for journalists like Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, the crimes of Sheriff Arpaio would not have been made known all over the world. The topic of Sheriff Arpaio was a reoccurring topic in Jim and Michael’s publications.

He still is a great topic of interest for the two men. What has really inspired them to put even more attention on Arpaio is the fact that he wrongfully penalized them.

Jim and Michael generally take the lefty stance of being pro-immigrant, pro-open borders, anti-Trump, anti-white-supremacy and pro-minority. They, themselves, do not visually appear to be Latino, and their last names do not sound Latino.

When reading their biographies, one gets the impression that they are not immigrants, and that they were born and raised in the United States. That could be a wrong impression, but is pretty probable that those details are true about them.

Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin:


Roberto Santiago Enhances Brazilian Shopping Environment

Roberto Santiago is known for his real estate ventures throughout Latin America. One of the ones that he is best known for, however, is that of the Manaira shopping mall. This has become the staple that has allowed Roberto Santiago to expand and build other similar shopping environments in Latin America. He has created a very interesting concept that has allowed him to totally transform the retail landscape in Brazil. Over the years Roberto has been able to continuously expand upon this type of environment, and this is what people appreciate about his grand desire to create the type of mall environment that would attract consumers that wanted convenience. There are dozens of stores for people to shop in when they come to the Manaira Mall. This is a fraction of the landscape, but Roberto Santiago was thinking ahead. He had a vision that extended beyond shopping, this is what makes his concept buzzworthy.


Instead of simply putting shoppers inside of a place where they were doing nothing more than shopping Roberto Santiago decided to take another route. He made a decision to actually give consumers the ability to enjoy themselves with an extensive food court where they could eat. He gave them the ability to hang out by expanding the Manaira shopping mall to also include a lounge where guests could spend their time. He even made it possible for people that were looking for more entertainment that required movement to go to an amusement park or go bowling all inside of this mall.

This massive mall has continued to be highly imitated buy all of the different people that are interested in a mall environment that caters to a wide stream of individuals.


More people are appreciative of what Santiago has done because it shakes up the balance as to what is considered the norm. When people come to Brazil they are looking for an endless amount of possibilities when it comes to experiencing new things. Roberto Santiago had this on his radar when he got started with this mall but it would gain even more fame as it expanded. Now there’s also a concert hall for people to enjoy if they have a desire to take on music or anyting that allows them to build a better experience when they are out enjoying their time on the town.


Brazil is known for many things because it is a lively tourist spot. What Roberto wanted to do is give people an over-extended view of all the possibilities that exist in the form of shopping and entertainment when it is combined. He wanted to create something grand, and he has become widely known in Brazilian circles for this mall.


Bruno Fagali’s Bid To Shut Down Corruption Red Flags In The Advertising Industry

Recently, there has been an increasing pressure for companies to adopt compliance programs. This follows the growing number of corruption investigations involving advertising firms. In Brazil, advertising agencies are paid in terms of bonuses by the media when they advertise. Therefore, these advertising firms provide the advertisers with the services but the money goes to the agencies instead of the communication vehicles they negotiated with. This connection between the media and the advertising agencies is what creates loopholes which are then misused.

In an article entitled “Red Flag”, Bruno Fagali, an expert in compliance law, explains the operations that are popular in advertising agencies which are at a higher risk of inviting unethical issues. Some of them include; media assignment criteria, inventive plans and intermediation of vehicle payment by the adviser. All of these are what Bruno Fagali refers to as “Red Flags” and says they are what lead to corruption. In order to curb this, rules are to be put in place that requires advertising agencies have corporate integrity programs.

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Based in Sao Paulo, Alagoas, Brazil, Bruno Fagali is one of the best lawyers in Brazil playing an active role in changing the dimension of the Brazilian legal system. Bruno Fagali has vast experience and knowledge in numerous fields pertaining to law. He specializes in matters relating to Ethics, Compliance Law, Administrative Law, Regulatory Law and Urban Law. Currently Bruno Fagali practices law in his law firm known as the Fagali Law Firm. He is also the Corporate Integrity Manager of Nova/SB.

Bruno Fagali attended the University of Sao Paulo. It was from there that he earned his Masters in Anticorruption, Sate and Administrative Law. Bruno Fagali started his career in law as an intern at the Office Model Dom Paulo Evaristo Arns law firm. Bruno Fagali worked at this firm for some time there but later on left to intern in 2 other firms for about 3 years.

It was in 2012 that Bruno Fagali got his first job as a lawyer. This was at the Radi, Calil e Associodos Law where he worked for a period of 2 years. It was after leaving that firm that he joined Nova/Sb. Thereafter, in 2016, Bruno Fagali opened his own law firm where he works to date.

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GOP Leaders across the Nation Put DACA Program and Youth in Jeopardy

After the letter that was pinned by the Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, the Trump Administration took action to rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. In his letter to the Trump Administration, Attorney General Paxton also included threats to the Administration if the changes to DACA were not implemented. The letter was supported by nine other attorney generals and one governor all of whom are from republican lead states.


Although, the program changes will be phased in over an extended period of time, the youth and their families are fearful of the changes which could ultimately result in deportation. The program affects approximately 800,000 youth across the entire United States.


DACA was made available under the Obama Administration and gives undocumented youth an opportunity to remain in the country as long as they continue to meet certain established criteria and prerequisites. The primary benefits of the program is to keep families together and allow their undocumented children the opportunity to the advantages of the United States without any adverse consequences. Since those children often arrive into the United States through means that are considered as non-threatening to society, the Obama Administration carved a pathway to citizenship that fills the gap in a situation that was intended to be fruitful for America as well as undocumented children.


Undocumented youth contribute to the economy in many ways. They are also able to be enriched by the educational advancements with the United States that ultimately contributes to society. Because of the DACA program, the youth are able to enroll in colleges and pay in-state tuition fees as well as obtain driver licenses just like their documented peers which gives them a pathway for many to be productive and become hopeful about their future.


The proposed changes put new applications in jeopardy. The Lacey and Larkin Fund, located on Arizona, has been accelerating information to the immigrant community for the preparation of those changes. The fund is a paramount source of information within the immigrant and migrant community. Arizona has approximately 325,000 undocumented individuals within the state with an estimated 43,000 children. The Lacey and Larkin fund is aligning with immigrant advocacy groups to keep an active watch on the changes taking place. Fighting for the preservation of the DACA program is high priority for the fund while there is a search for a permanent solution to the undocumented issue throughout the country.


All across the United States there have been protests, sit-ins and active social media involvement to get the attention of Congress to do what’s morally right. Earlier this week, the closed-door meeting with the Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly proved unsuccessful. After the meeting concluded, it was clear that Mr. Kelly believes the changes will move forward. The program for 800,000 people is now at the mercy of changed minds. Finding a solution to the DACA issue is going to take a vigorous effort, and there appears to be plenty of action taking place with the supporters of the program.


The Technique of Hyper-focusing

Living with ADHD may be tough at times. We have all heard the testimonies of youngsters who can neither take a seat nor listen to faculty, the adults who can’t appear to cognizant at work, and the hyperactive individuals who just can’t appear to stay in one area at a time. Within the worst cases, ADHD can bring about depression and tension. Certainly, lifestyles may be troubling for those residing with ADHD. Read more at dialdish.com about Neurocore.

The doctors at Neurocore brain performance center have evolved the study of ADHD to assist human beings dwelling with ADHD. They have discovered that the main cause of ADHD is not a loss of interest. It happens when a person has an irregular application of attention. What takes place in the mind of someone who has ADHD is they lose cognizance; however, it isn’t always a lack of attention, in fact it is faulty attention. The person has discovered something that intrigues them more than the current task. It takes place when adults aimlessly surf pages of social media or read blogs that have nothing to do with what they should be doing. It occurs whilst a student stares out the window in college watching their friends play Frisbee on the lawn. It happens while everyone engages in any activity that absorbs their attention so completely that they lose hours of time. This redirection of interest is known as hyper-focus.

Scientists at Neurocore have discovered that dopamine has a unique effect on hyper-attention. Humans with ADHD normally have lower levels of dopamine. If a person with ADHD can redirect their capacity to hyper-focus on essential duties through making them amusing then they’ll find their productivity will start to increase. The practice of hyper-focusing has helped individuals with ADHD achieve success in school and at work.

Read: http://fox17online.com/2015/11/23/its-not-a-lifetime-of-paying-for-meds-neurofeedback-therapy-at-neurocore/

The name of the game to applying hyper-focus to something in life is to attach the preferred assignment to something the person finds amusing or entertaining. Once they implement a reward system into the activities they want to perform then they may find their responsibilities more exciting and less difficult to accomplish. Whenever the man or woman engages their hyper-focus to finish something they acquire a surge of dopamine and the behavior becomes a dependency. A benefit of enforcing praise into every day activities is the deterrent of despair. While the individual residing with ADHD feels a sense of accomplishment it’s going to increase their self-worth and value of life. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Sentient AI and the Benefits of the Ecommerce Recommendation Engine

Information is everywhere. It’s in the food we eat, the route we take to work, how we spend our free-time. Businesses use this seemingly innocuous information to inform decisions about the customers they target and how they target them. For example, the publications you read, and whether you read them in print, on-line or on your smartphone.

Historically, whenever a company crafted some sort of digital marketing or e-commerce campaign, they would compile reams upon reams of information about their target audience. This would help guide what they said, how they said it and where it should appear to make a maximum impact on you, the customer. And once a business had you in the door, or on their website, they could make subtle suggestions based on their knowledge of you.

With the rapid growth in data, companies have compiled profiles about virtually every facet of our lives. But now, instead of companies relying on the lowly marketing intern to pore through said data, they have a new tool at their disposal: artificial intelligence, or AI for short.

Far from being science fiction, AI enables companies to take all of that data, process it using a variety of algorithms, and come out with a list of suggestions or likely outcomes. So rather than running a raft of A/B tests to see which ad campaign will be the most successful, they can use an AI solution that helps to expedite their decision. Visit Sentient’s profile at Linkedin.

One of the pioneers in this field is Sentient AI, a company whose founders helped develop the technology for Siri, Apple’s personal digital assistant. With Sentient AI they really set out to develop AI tools that companies could use for a particular business need, tools like the E-commerce Recommendation Engine.

Recommendation engines are behind a website’s ability to recommend similar, or related products, such as you see whenever you go to Amazon. There are many such recommendation engines, but there are two capabilities that set the E-commerce Recommendation Engine apart: its ability to update by pulling digital images from a store’s product catalog, and it’s ability to treat each customer as an individual, rather than part of a larger group, or cohort of shoppers.

The result is a more informed and personalized shopping experience. They have different technologies for the e-commerce field, and online shops can benefit significantly from including the Sentient AI in their platforms.

When you’re breezing through your online shopping any day, you can thank AI, and perhaps the E-commerce Recommendation Engine.

Daniel Taub Visits Bradford To Work On Building A Stronger Bond Between Israelis and The British People

Recently, Daniel Taub, The ambassador to Britain from Israel, took a trip to Bradford where inflammatory comments from George Galloway, Bradford West’s MP, had shaken up the community. According to Taub, he was there on invitation, and he took the opportunity to meet with members within the community as well as religious leaders. What Galloway had said was that Bradford should be an “Israel Free Zone,” without any services or anything, for that matter, related to Israel.


When Daniel Taub visited the city, he got a much different impression than Gallaway had made the city out to seem. Instead of discovering large groups of people who felt as Gallaway did, what he found was a community where people from differing backgrounds and religions lived together in peace. After posting his comments online, an investigation into Galloway by the British police began. Daniel Taub commented that it would be productive for Galloway to not try to drag Israel, and the entire region, back into the past but to, instead, focus on moving it into the future.


The unfortunate truth, is that Galloway has an anti-Semitic history and has been known to have racist tendencies towards Israelis. He once said that he would not debate an opponent of his simply because they were from Israel. He also demonstrated odd behavior when he said that he never made strange accusations that it was Israel who was creating trouble in the Ukraine and that it was also them who had gifted Al-Qaeda with chemical weapons. The problem with his denial was that had been recorded. Learn more: http://rabbisacks.org/rabbi-sacks-conversation-daniel-taub/


Daniel Taub made it clear, on his arrival, that he was in Bradford because the people of the city had invited him. He believes that there are plenty of possibilities for discussion in the city and that many have made it clear they don’t agree with Galloway. He made reference to the fact that Bradford and Israel have long been cooperating with one another and that Galloway does not represent the city.


Daniel Taub is the departing Ambassador of Israel to the court of St. James, and he has a long history of bringing the people of Britain and Israel together. While he was born in the United Kingdom, Mr. Taub is Jewish and calls Israel his homeland. A lot of his work has been to draw people closer together, and he has been especially effective at building technology and trade ties between then two nations.



A Peaceful, meaningful World with Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin

The fight for human, civil and immigrants’ rights have been there since time immemorial. Most individuals are rigid and are not willing to resolve their ways and make a difference in the world.

The mistreatment and exploitation of the poor is currently a global concern. Many philanthropic groups have been founded to neutralize the situation. Some of these groups include;

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are the founders of this group. The duo is a journalist. They are the co-founders of the Phoenix New Times.

Lacey and Larkin have been known for fighting for their first amendment rights. The two went ahead and did the unthinkable. They published the evil deeds of the Sheriff as their newspapers headlines. This was a confident act because the Sheriff was a respected man in the society whose path no one would try to cross.

When Sheriff Joe heard what they had done, he arrested them and took them to an unfamiliar location. Due to public demonstrations, they were released. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

They took the Sheriff to court. They were confirmed innocent and got $3.75 million as compensation for the unlawful arrest. They used this money to start the Frontera Fund.

The Advocates for Human Rights

The Advocates for Human Rights has helped fight many human rights battles. They fight at all levels; local, regional and international levels. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/jim-larkin/

The group has been in the field for more than 30 years now. It has supporters and well-wishers who have contributed largely to their success. The groups aim to create a uniform perspective of human rights internationally and see that it is followed.

The group also researches on people who are violating human rights and ensure they are punished. Besides this, the group helps immigrants get shelter.

The Advocates for Human Rights has helped improve the lives of women, children and immigrants families.

The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights (CHIRLA)

The CHIRLA Group is based in California. Its goal is to improve the lives of Immigrants and their families.

The group operates on the leverage of the crowd. They aim at changing the opinion of the public and using that power to introduce good policies and get rid of bad policies.

The group was founded as a result of the 1986 act. The act illegalized the employment of


Whoever Bradesco’s Incoming President Will BE, He/She Will Find A Competent Ally in Luiz Carlos Trabuco

About a week ago when former Bradesco chairman Lazaro Brandao announced his decision to vacate the position of chairman of the board, the Brazilian bank saw no one more deserving for the position than Luiz Carlos Trabuco.

Trabuco has been the president of the giant bank for the last seven years and the vice chairman of the board for the last three years. Given his immense contribution to the bank over the course of the last 48 years, no one is more deserving to take over the reins from Lazaro Brandao. However, as a consequence of him being named the chairman of the board, a new president will have to be picked to lead the Bradesco group.

The incoming president will become only the fifth ever president in its over seven-decade history. The reason Bradesco has had so few leaders despite its relatively long existence, is the fact that all of its presidents thus far have been very effective leaders thus negating the need for leadership changes midway into their tenures. The bank will be looking to accomplish the same with its next president and is consequently planning to pick him/her from among its current senior executives. Additionally, the mandate of the president will be slightly amended as he/she will no longer have a seat on the bank’s board.

However, Bradesco’s board is not in any hurry to name a new president. The bank’s bylaws expressly stipulate the time during which the board should make succession decisions relating to the presidency. That duration puts the expected time of appointment for the next president at March 2018. Until then, the bank will remain in the capable hands of Luiz Carlos Trabuco, who will serve as both president and chairman of the bank.

The immediate responsibility of Luiz Carlos Trabuco as the incoming chairman will be to on the expansion work that he and Lazaro Brandao had commenced with the aim of making Bradesco the largest private back in the country again. For a large portion of its existence, Bradesco was the largest private bank in the country. However, in 2008, the bank lost the position to a new rival, Itau Unibanco. While losing the dominant market position greatly wounded the bank’s pride, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has for the last four years been working towards reclaiming the top position and has, in fact, gained significant ground on the larger competitors.

The 2015 acquisition of HSBC Brazil by Bradesco for over 5 billion dollars will forever remain the shrewdest piece of business done by Luiz Carlos Trabuco during his tenure. While there is no escaping the fact that the price tag associated with the acquisition was huge, even for Bradesco, the deal has, in turn, resulted in great returns for Bradesco. The bank has grown its customer-base to well over 30 million, increased is asset-base to close to $400 billion and expanded its branch network to approximately $5,500 branches. Consequently, Bradesco is now closer to Itau Unibanco than it has ever been since 2008. It is a realistic possibility that through cohesive work, Luiz Carlos Trabuco and the incoming president could help Bradesco retake the dominant position in the next few years.

The new president will also get a lot of assistance in the position as Luiz Carlos Trabuco has long had a passion for mentoring others. As soon as he was named Bradesco’s president in 2009, he set up a corporate university to facilitate the training of the bank’s executives in leadership skills. It is a tradition that has practiced by of the bank’s previous four presidents.

Search for more information about Luiz Carlos Trabuco: https://g1.globo.com/economia/negocios/noticia/sucessao-no-conselho-do-bradesco-foi-um-ato-planejado-diz-trabuco.ghtml

The Strategic Outlook of Bernardo Chua

Bernardo Chua is a powerful businessman that has realized how he can be profitable even if he is not selling through mainstream channels. He has managed to become a very powerful leader when it comes to skincare and beverage products.

These are the areas where he has been able to excel, and people that know Bernardo Chua are well aware that he has taken the coffee and tea industry by surprise with his interesting blend of gourmet coffees and teas that contain the Ganoderma mushroom.

This has become such a powerful ingredient because it has been said to provide a long time Asian healing agent that gives people a sense of relief from stress and other ailments that they may be enduring. Learn more about Bernardo Chua:  http://www.zoominfo.com/p/Bernardo-Chua/676218748

This is the main reason that this coffee is not part of a mainstream market. It is something that rises above the occasion when it comes to the typical products that are seen in the eyes of the public consumers.

It is different from lots of other things that are out there, and there is a great desire for people to gain more knowledge about the Ganoderma mushroom and the way that it is helping people cure certain illnesses that they may be dealing with.

Bernardo uses various forms of social media to provide more input on what his company is doing. He has managed to create a platform where he is utilizing Twitter and Facebook to expand the popularity of his brand. He uses these platforms to educate people on different things that they may be able to purchase.

There definitely is a great amount of respect for what he is doing when it comes to this new way of building a powerful platform for selling products online.

The thing that Bernardo she has been able to do is cut out the middleman and gain more profitability by selling products online. Bernardo realized that he did not have to go through mainstream channels in order to sell products.

This is what has allowed him to gain increase profitability and cut out the middleman at the same time.

Read more: Bernardo Chua: Founder And CEO Of Organo Gold and Bernardo Chua Recommends Grapeseed Oil As The Next Big Healthy Supplement