Month: November 2016

Entrepreneurship And Leadership Skills Taking Dick DeVos To Higher Positions

Dick DeVos professional résumé reads perfectly with achievement upon achievement and success after success in all his public and private undertaking. He is a business executive and an entrepreneur with a flair for politics and philanthropy is close to his heart. He was the first born son of a multi-billionaire Richard DeVos, the co-founder of Amway’s Corporations.

Dick DeVos took over the mantle of Amway’s Corporation in 1993 to 2012 during which he expanded the firm’s operations to fifty countries on six continents. He also increased sales to a tune of $4.5billion. As the president of Amway’s, he restructured the firm to form Alticor Corporation, a group of companies that comprised of Amway’s Corporation, Access Business group, and Quixtar Corporation.

Having begun his career at Amway’s Corporation, he understood how to drive sales and expand business chains. In 1974, he worked in various capacities, and it was not until 1984 that he was made the Vice President in charge of branches in 18 countries.

In 1991, he was entrusted to manage the family’s basketball franchise as the CEO and president of the Orlando Magic’s NBA team. He resigned his position to become the president of the WindQuest Group, a private financial investment entity with investments in the energy and manufacturing sector. He is also a member of the board of directors.

As a man with a passion, and professional training in jet and helicopter flying, he formed the West Michigan Aviation Academy in 2010, the first of its type where public high school students learn to fly.

He was a local community leader who initiated the Education Freedom Fund that offers scholarships to thousands of students in Michigan. DeVos loves progress in the society and through his position as the Grand Rapids Committee chairman, he has been instrumental in championing key infrastructural developments in the downtrodden areas. Through his Dick and Betsy Family Foundation established in 1989, he has helped improve the health care system by opening a $90 million medical school and, a $130 million heart hospital.

Dick DeVos is married to Betsy Prince, and together they have seven children and five grandchildren. He is also an author of a New York Times best-seller known as “Rediscovering American Values.”

Securus Technologies is Making Waves

Christmas is usually a time for togetherness, family and holiday spirit. But, it is not always that way for the inmates in a correction facility. Many of them cannot see their families, and they feel depressed and alone on the special day. A company named Securus Technologies decided to create something that could allow the inmates to feel like they are part of the holiday. They made the Christmas video visits where the inmates were permitted to watch a video of their family during the holiday.

The Christmas video visits lift the spirits of the inmates. They can see and hear their families when they opening gifts and eating their meal. It is important to them that they are part of the holiday too. With the good feeling that they have, the correction facilities are peaceful and free from crime. Everyone can be safe during that special day of the year.

Securus Technologies is a company that is a leader in its industry. They never stop looking into new and innovative ways to make the world a better place for all people to live in. This company is very concerned about the public’s safety, and they go out of their way to perform duties that are thrust upon them. They are in demand all across the nation, and the government contracts them all the time to work with their correction facility to prevent and solve crimes in any magnitude. Since Securus Technologies can do what no other company can, they always perform at their best and get the job done. They deal with over a million inmates regularly, and they are inventing new ways to keep everyone safe on a weekly basis. Since they are experts at what they do, they are involved in both the civil and criminal sectors of justice. In the future, people will surely hear more from Securus Technologies as they find more ways to keep the people safe. It is their mission to make it the safest as possible for all people.