Month: February 2017

David Giertz Offers Sound Retirement Advice

Preparing For The Future
One of the most important and most often neglected aspects of life is preparing for retirement. Particularly, many financial advisors do not discuss social security with their clients. According to David Giertz, this a serious problem because social security makes up a large portion of the future retirement income many Americans will receive. In fact, it is usually about 40% of the retirement income for most Americans on Facebook. This means that most people will need to find a way to fit it in to their plans. Although there are some people who may find a path to retirement without considering social security most will need it.

Nationwide Finance
David Giertz offers much of his financial advice as the president of the sales and distribution organization for Nationwide Finance. He is responsible for helping people find the right insurance plan for their future and guiding people in the right direction. His experience has allowed Nationwide to expand extensively and become one of the largest finance companies in America. His advice at has even allowed him to publish articles helping people plan for their futures.

About David Giertz
David Giertz is a financial planning expert with decades of experience in his field. He uses his expertise to advise people on how to prepare for their retirement and how to ready themselves for other important aspects of their future. His excellence in service on Finra has even allowed to take on important roles in insurance companies like Nationwide Financial.

Attaining the Maximum Pleasure with Kabbalah

Kabbalah aims at ensuring that man reaches the highest amount of pleasure while living in this world. Well, many do not know what it means by attaining the highest amount of pressure. It means that you get satisfied with the life that you are living here and today. Despite the challenges that are facing the world today, as a Kabbalist, you can live comfortably and get the desires that you have and fulfill your achievements in the life of today. Remember that it is not easy to attain this maximum satisfaction if you do not have the required knowledge that can help you do so. The wisdom is essential, and it is what you need, and you will attain what you want in your life.

It is also critical to know that there are a way and order of achieving maximum satisfaction while living in this world. Many will try to answer these questions differently but be informed that there is only one way of making pleasure that you want. There are no several channels to reaching the destination. The way is by studying and understanding Kabbalah. Men will desire for many things such as desires to have money, wishes to be honored and desires to rise to the position of power. The peak and the most important part is that man will want spirituality. If you recognize that you have spiritual desires, you will look for ways of satisfying these desires.

As you reach this pyramid, you will start realizing that you have a lot of limitations in your life. Kabbalah Centre will be clear to you that you do not have the abilities to achieve everything that you want in your life. At this stage, what you need is to study Kabbalah and you will find the way to realizing the pleasures to the maximum level. If you study Kabbalah and dedicate yourself everything that is hidden will be unveiled to you. It will make you have a full understanding of life.

Bob Reina, Changing Lives One Day At A Time

Bob Reina lives by a simple mantra, with great success comes greater responsibility. It has guided him through life, and it describes his morals to the core. As he has become more and more successful, he has handled it as a great responsibility and used his time and finances to help those in need every chance he gets.

Reina saw a void in the communications sector when he tried to email a video and found that he couldn’t. He decided to change that, and created his award winning company Talk Fusion.

Forbes reported that not only does Talk Fusion offer award winning products and services, it also offers people a chance to change their lives around the world. Reina has created a platform for his associates to find ways to meet their financial goals through selling his products. He has spent his life working to better the world through acts of charity.

He gave a record-breaking donation of $1 million to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay and has been involved in saving and bettering the lives of animals for years.

Reina wants to inspire the same giving spirit in those around him and has spearheaded a plan through his company. Associates for Talk Fusion have the opportunity to donate one free account, the custom plan which is the best the company offers, to the charity of their choice.

This plan, which includes branding, customization, and access to all of the company’s video marketing tools, can help any charity reach more people and meet more financial goals to help people and animals around the world.

Reina has always devoted himself to not only helping, but to finding new ways to help other people change their lives and circumstances. By offering his associates a way to meet their own financial goals, he has already touched their lives.

His newest incentive will help them find a way to offer that same change to people around the world and inspire the giving spirit within each and every one of them.