Month: January 2018

GOP Leaders across the Nation Put DACA Program and Youth in Jeopardy

After the letter that was pinned by the Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, the Trump Administration took action to rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. In his letter to the Trump Administration, Attorney General Paxton also included threats to the Administration if the changes to DACA were not implemented. The letter was supported by nine other attorney generals and one governor all of whom are from republican lead states.


Although, the program changes will be phased in over an extended period of time, the youth and their families are fearful of the changes which could ultimately result in deportation. The program affects approximately 800,000 youth across the entire United States.


DACA was made available under the Obama Administration and gives undocumented youth an opportunity to remain in the country as long as they continue to meet certain established criteria and prerequisites. The primary benefits of the program is to keep families together and allow their undocumented children the opportunity to the advantages of the United States without any adverse consequences. Since those children often arrive into the United States through means that are considered as non-threatening to society, the Obama Administration carved a pathway to citizenship that fills the gap in a situation that was intended to be fruitful for America as well as undocumented children.


Undocumented youth contribute to the economy in many ways. They are also able to be enriched by the educational advancements with the United States that ultimately contributes to society. Because of the DACA program, the youth are able to enroll in colleges and pay in-state tuition fees as well as obtain driver licenses just like their documented peers which gives them a pathway for many to be productive and become hopeful about their future.


The proposed changes put new applications in jeopardy. The Lacey and Larkin Fund, located on Arizona, has been accelerating information to the immigrant community for the preparation of those changes. The fund is a paramount source of information within the immigrant and migrant community. Arizona has approximately 325,000 undocumented individuals within the state with an estimated 43,000 children. The Lacey and Larkin fund is aligning with immigrant advocacy groups to keep an active watch on the changes taking place. Fighting for the preservation of the DACA program is high priority for the fund while there is a search for a permanent solution to the undocumented issue throughout the country.


All across the United States there have been protests, sit-ins and active social media involvement to get the attention of Congress to do what’s morally right. Earlier this week, the closed-door meeting with the Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly proved unsuccessful. After the meeting concluded, it was clear that Mr. Kelly believes the changes will move forward. The program for 800,000 people is now at the mercy of changed minds. Finding a solution to the DACA issue is going to take a vigorous effort, and there appears to be plenty of action taking place with the supporters of the program.


The Technique of Hyper-focusing

Living with ADHD may be tough at times. We have all heard the testimonies of youngsters who can neither take a seat nor listen to faculty, the adults who can’t appear to cognizant at work, and the hyperactive individuals who just can’t appear to stay in one area at a time. Within the worst cases, ADHD can bring about depression and tension. Certainly, lifestyles may be troubling for those residing with ADHD. Read more at about Neurocore.

The doctors at Neurocore brain performance center have evolved the study of ADHD to assist human beings dwelling with ADHD. They have discovered that the main cause of ADHD is not a loss of interest. It happens when a person has an irregular application of attention. What takes place in the mind of someone who has ADHD is they lose cognizance; however, it isn’t always a lack of attention, in fact it is faulty attention. The person has discovered something that intrigues them more than the current task. It takes place when adults aimlessly surf pages of social media or read blogs that have nothing to do with what they should be doing. It occurs whilst a student stares out the window in college watching their friends play Frisbee on the lawn. It happens while everyone engages in any activity that absorbs their attention so completely that they lose hours of time. This redirection of interest is known as hyper-focus.

Scientists at Neurocore have discovered that dopamine has a unique effect on hyper-attention. Humans with ADHD normally have lower levels of dopamine. If a person with ADHD can redirect their capacity to hyper-focus on essential duties through making them amusing then they’ll find their productivity will start to increase. The practice of hyper-focusing has helped individuals with ADHD achieve success in school and at work.


The name of the game to applying hyper-focus to something in life is to attach the preferred assignment to something the person finds amusing or entertaining. Once they implement a reward system into the activities they want to perform then they may find their responsibilities more exciting and less difficult to accomplish. Whenever the man or woman engages their hyper-focus to finish something they acquire a surge of dopamine and the behavior becomes a dependency. A benefit of enforcing praise into every day activities is the deterrent of despair. While the individual residing with ADHD feels a sense of accomplishment it’s going to increase their self-worth and value of life. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Sentient AI and the Benefits of the Ecommerce Recommendation Engine

Information is everywhere. It’s in the food we eat, the route we take to work, how we spend our free-time. Businesses use this seemingly innocuous information to inform decisions about the customers they target and how they target them. For example, the publications you read, and whether you read them in print, on-line or on your smartphone.

Historically, whenever a company crafted some sort of digital marketing or e-commerce campaign, they would compile reams upon reams of information about their target audience. This would help guide what they said, how they said it and where it should appear to make a maximum impact on you, the customer. And once a business had you in the door, or on their website, they could make subtle suggestions based on their knowledge of you.

With the rapid growth in data, companies have compiled profiles about virtually every facet of our lives. But now, instead of companies relying on the lowly marketing intern to pore through said data, they have a new tool at their disposal: artificial intelligence, or AI for short.

Far from being science fiction, AI enables companies to take all of that data, process it using a variety of algorithms, and come out with a list of suggestions or likely outcomes. So rather than running a raft of A/B tests to see which ad campaign will be the most successful, they can use an AI solution that helps to expedite their decision. Visit Sentient’s profile at Linkedin.

One of the pioneers in this field is Sentient AI, a company whose founders helped develop the technology for Siri, Apple’s personal digital assistant. With Sentient AI they really set out to develop AI tools that companies could use for a particular business need, tools like the E-commerce Recommendation Engine.

Recommendation engines are behind a website’s ability to recommend similar, or related products, such as you see whenever you go to Amazon. There are many such recommendation engines, but there are two capabilities that set the E-commerce Recommendation Engine apart: its ability to update by pulling digital images from a store’s product catalog, and it’s ability to treat each customer as an individual, rather than part of a larger group, or cohort of shoppers.

The result is a more informed and personalized shopping experience. They have different technologies for the e-commerce field, and online shops can benefit significantly from including the Sentient AI in their platforms.

When you’re breezing through your online shopping any day, you can thank AI, and perhaps the E-commerce Recommendation Engine.

Daniel Taub Visits Bradford To Work On Building A Stronger Bond Between Israelis and The British People

Recently, Daniel Taub, The ambassador to Britain from Israel, took a trip to Bradford where inflammatory comments from George Galloway, Bradford West’s MP, had shaken up the community. According to Taub, he was there on invitation, and he took the opportunity to meet with members within the community as well as religious leaders. What Galloway had said was that Bradford should be an “Israel Free Zone,” without any services or anything, for that matter, related to Israel.


When Daniel Taub visited the city, he got a much different impression than Gallaway had made the city out to seem. Instead of discovering large groups of people who felt as Gallaway did, what he found was a community where people from differing backgrounds and religions lived together in peace. After posting his comments online, an investigation into Galloway by the British police began. Daniel Taub commented that it would be productive for Galloway to not try to drag Israel, and the entire region, back into the past but to, instead, focus on moving it into the future.


The unfortunate truth, is that Galloway has an anti-Semitic history and has been known to have racist tendencies towards Israelis. He once said that he would not debate an opponent of his simply because they were from Israel. He also demonstrated odd behavior when he said that he never made strange accusations that it was Israel who was creating trouble in the Ukraine and that it was also them who had gifted Al-Qaeda with chemical weapons. The problem with his denial was that had been recorded. Learn more:


Daniel Taub made it clear, on his arrival, that he was in Bradford because the people of the city had invited him. He believes that there are plenty of possibilities for discussion in the city and that many have made it clear they don’t agree with Galloway. He made reference to the fact that Bradford and Israel have long been cooperating with one another and that Galloway does not represent the city.


Daniel Taub is the departing Ambassador of Israel to the court of St. James, and he has a long history of bringing the people of Britain and Israel together. While he was born in the United Kingdom, Mr. Taub is Jewish and calls Israel his homeland. A lot of his work has been to draw people closer together, and he has been especially effective at building technology and trade ties between then two nations.