Month: September 2018

Background Information on Ted Bauman

Ted Bauman is an experienced and trained economist and editor of Banyan Hill Publishing. He was born and raised in Maryland. Although he spent his early years in the USA, he later moved to South Africa and joined the University of Cape Town. He studied economics, history and political science as he believed that the subjects are interconnected. His vast skills saw him being engaged by the South African government and other global corporations in the region. Ted Bauman moved to South Africa during the post-apartheid regime. Numerous economic, political and social reforms were being carried during the period. He played an essential role in the formulation and implementation of such changes. After a long stay in South Africa, he went back to the USA in 2006.

Ted Bauman Career and Contributions to Banyan Publishing

Ted Bauman can be defined as a transformative and committed individual. He has in the past worked with African governments, non-governmental organizations and global corporations to improve their performances. In 2000s, he worked as a consultant in areas like urban planning, housing, and finance for global clients. Some of the organizations he has worked include the United Nations, European grant-making agencies, and South African government. In the past, he served as International Housing Programs for the Humanity International as the director. However, he resigned in 2013 and ventured into writing and researching. Ted contributions have seen him being featured in platforms like the Journal of Microfinance, Cape Times, the Guardian and Small Enterprise Development

During his leadership in Banyan Hill, he has seen the introduction of the Alpha Stock Alert, the Bauman Letter and the Plan B Club. The platforms offer insights into low-risk management, privacy, asset protection, and investment guides. His operations are based on the urge to help people attain financial freedom and their sovereignty. The Bauman Letter is published on a monthly basis and has over the years gained many subscribers. He has transformed the organization through the introduction of the ETF trading and Smart Money services. Other offering financial service, Ted Bauman offers empowerment services that help the society members attain their freedom. It is such activities and contributions that have seen hi gain global recognition.

End Citizens United Continues to Support Beto O’Rourke while Margin Closes on Ted Cruz and GOP

The 2018 midterm elections have many in the Republican establishment not only panicked, but they’re also frightened like a deer in headlights. During the past year, Democrats have been able to pick up an additional 34 seats in Congress. The fact that those seats are located in areas where voters have historically chosen GOP candidates, it is a good reason for Republicans to sense there is a change happening. Read more news about the group on USA Today.

This does not come as a surprise to End Citizens United. The latest poll shows Democratic candidate Beto O’Rourke gaining a very close margin on Republican incumbent Ted Cruz. A victory for unseating Cruz was never the intended focal point of End Citizens United, but the 2018 midterm elections seem to have chosen the direction of the focus for the PAC. Founded on March 1, 2015, End Citizens United has been dedicated to reducing corporate influence over elections by focusing on campaign finance reform.

Cruz has been leading in the polls with a narrow margin of only 45 to 37 percent. Although the Cruz campaign has alleged that the incumbent is leading by 18 percent, when Google conducted a survey around the same time, he was only leading by 14 percent. View the group’s profile on

End Citizens United further found that other polls show a rapidly close margin, such as the poll conducted by the University of Texas. The results, which were released in June, showed a 5-point differential between the two candidates. When adding those poll numbers to the reputation of Cruz, which is less than stellar throughout Texas, it’s easy to see why the unseating of the Senator is a reasonable outcome to expect. Cruz does not do himself any favors by continually putting his political career before his constituents. His unlike ability was already an issue; however, when he supported shutting the government down, which would have left thousands of government employees without pay for an uncertain timeframe, Texas voters took a closer look at their Senator.

On the other hand, O’Rourke’s charm, compassion, and the capability of knowing the needs of Texas voters is an enormous asset, which Cruz lacks. When O’Rourke speaks to a crowd, people become enchanted with his message.


How OSI Group Uses its Firm Strategic Plans to Expand its Operations Globally

Since 1909 when Otto & Sons started as a small butchery and later re-branded to OSI Group in 1975 as an international company, many events have taken place to date. The stepping-stone of the company’s expansion took place in 1955 when Otto & Sons took the mandate of supplying McDonald’s restaurants. The deal was sealed through the agreement of Otto & Sons and Ray Kroc, the restaurant’s owner. The business flourished, and they opened a branch in Chicago in 1973. Other expansions were made in Germany and Utah before the company re-branded to OSI Industries in 1975. Not long after, the company’s long-term consultant, Lavin Sheldon became a partner, and OSI came into existence. Under his control as the Chief Operations Officer with the help of David McDonald the President, the company operates in around 17 countries.

Significant acquisitions done by OSI Group include the purchase of Chicago’s Tyson Food plant in 2017. The plant specializes in poultry production, but OSI aims at extending to other products too. In Europe, OSI Group took over the operations of Flagship Europe. The deal was reached on December 2016 with the aim of Improving sandwich, sauces, and dips to name but a few. The company does not only make more acquisitions but also improves the existing plants to improve production. One such move took place in Toledo Spain. The company invested heavily in expanding its poultry production plant, which would enable the double production of poultry production from 12,000 tons to 24,000 tons annually. The plant, which also produces pork and beef, would reach a total output of 45,000 tons of the entire product annually. The move was taken to handle the rising demand for these products from Portugal and Spain markets.

In line with the desire to achieve high productivity in the plant, OSI invested in new measures of reducing electricity cost. The heat produced by refrigerators and production systems would be recycled and retained heat water in the newly installed reservoirs. Additionally, refrigeration was improved, Nitrogen facility introduced, and for quality, a kitchen testing facility was added run by product development manager. To counter meat and other snack demands in Germany and Netherlands, OSI acquired Baho Foods. Through the existence of Baho Foods in over 18 countries in Europe, OSI Group was sure the acquisition was an added advantage in its operations. Baho Foods has five subsidiaries across Europe, and OSI Group would use them to improve its expansions in the European market.

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NV foundation and bronzer demonstrates Jeunesse Global’s versatility

One of the more surprising stories to emerge from the global health and beauty industry over the last decade has been that of Jeunesse Global. Founded in 2009, the company has followed an almost supernatural growth trajectory, going from a garage-based startup to one of the most dominant brands in the global health and beauty industry.

Along the way, Jeunesse has given the world a hint at why it has achieved such towering success. The company has demonstrated a versatility in creating new products that even few established firms can muster. A company that can design one out-of-the-park-homerun product that becomes an international sensation is ahead of the game. But Jeunesse Global has managed to hit home runs, again and again, building what is now one of the most loyally followed brands in the world.

And all of this is attributable to the company’s inveterate founders. Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, while not household names have been well known within the North American direct-selling industry for decades. With their latest venture, they have achieved a lasting legacy and secured their place as two of the most successful entrepreneurs in the global health and beauty industry.

Ray and Lewis have an almost uncanny knack for spotting market niches that are not being adequately addressed by the biggest players in the industry and then creating top-flight products to address those needs. One example is Jeunesse Global’s NV foundation and bronzer. NV is such a powerful foundation that it is not even necessary for users to wear makeup once it is applied. The foundation gives skin a natural, youthful glow that very few bronzers or foundations have been able to emulate. And NV can also be used as a mild skin-tone modifier, coming in nine different shades and allowing users to exactly mix and match to their preferred skin tone.

But the strongest selling point for NV has been the inclusion of Jeunesse Global’s patented APT-200 molecule. This substance has been clinically shown to reduce wrinkles and to prevent the formation of any new age-related blemishes or defects. It can erase years off of a user’s appearance.

Neurocore – Finding and Treating whats at the Core of ADHD

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD is the most diagnosed psychological disorder in children however, while ADHD is more prevalent in children it does affect teenagers and adults as well. Typically, children with ADHD have problems with attention, hyperactivity, and being unable to control their impulses. If ADHD is present as an adult ADHD can cause problems with time management, organization, and self-esteem to name a few. There are three different kinds of ADHD; Predominantly Inattentive Presentation, Predominately Hyperactive-Impulsive Presentation, and the third type of AFHF is a combination of the previous two mentioned. There have been study-based suggestions linking ADHD to a hereditary trait.

Neurocore has nine brain performance centers and is considered a national authority in applied neuroscience. Neurocore has looked into treating mental illnesses with neurotherapy, including ADHD. In 1976 J.F. Lubar was one of the first to show a demonstration of the effects of neurofeedback on ADHD patients, specifically SMR neurofeedback. This type of feedback has been found successful in helping children with their hyperactivity and attention problems. When the information from the study was combined with qEEG technology it was found that ADHD could be classed as a decrease in beta waves and an excess of theta waves. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

Currently Neurocore is expanding on the knowledge gained from neurotherapy studies done on children, teens, and adults with positive results. It has been found that 85% of children with ADHD have shown a reduction of their ADHD symptoms and 53% reduced their symptoms to the point that they stopped qualifying for the diagnosis of ADHD. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

The qEEG technology that Neurocore uses looks at brainwave activity to zero in what causes the behaviors linked to ADHD and from the work and results that Neurocore has been doing hopefully, more advancements will be seen from Neurocore in the treatment of ADHD.