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Aphrodite and Pan Statue
#G-020SM, bonded marble statue, 9.5" tall, 5" wide, 3.25" deep.
$106.95  *
Holding Fruit
Aphrodite and Pan statue, white marble finish, on black marble base.
HISTORY & MYTHOLOGY: This reproduction depicts Aphrodite and Pan with Eros (cupid) hovering just above them. Pan, goat-footed, is trying to embrace the nude goddess, who has removed her left sandal with which she teasingly threatens to strike him. The statue was found on the island of Delos (famous as the birthplace of the god Apollo). Aphrodite was the Goddess of Love, beauty and fertility, identified in Rome with Venus. Her graceful body symbolizes the Greek ideal of beauty. Pan was a God of shepherds and flocks, he was depicted with a reed pipe, a shepherd's crook and being half-man half-goat, with horns, a goat's beard and goat legs
Product Information
Product Number: #G-042SM
Product Size: 13.5" tall
  Material: Bonded Stone
Shipping weight: 9 pounds
Original: 100 B.C. Greek
    Statue, now in the National
    Museum, Athens, Greece
#G-016SM Bonded stone statue,
12" tall

Aphrodite Kneeling statue
 Aphrodite Holding Fruit Statue
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