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The Leadership of Louis Chenevert That Has Shaped The Image of What The World Sees in UTC Today

There is said to be a lot of factual data, features, interviews and profile essays about businessman Louis Chenevert. However, most of these information are not available for easy reading. They’re complex, inaccurate and sometimes not easily digestible in one sitting. This article will offer a solution for the readers in that it will only offer some of the recent highlights of the businessman’s career. And one of those prominent highlights would be the recent feature article posted in Release Fact about Chenevert’s inspiring career and personal life, mainly focusing on the time he spent working for UTC.

The inspiring story of Louis Chenevert is best explained and elaborated in the Release Fact feature that talked about the timeline of events from Chenevert’s work at General Motors to being the CEO of United Technologies (UTC). He was also given the trust to run the general operations of Goldman Sachs. All these remarkable work experiences have fashioned Chenevert into not only a world-class businessman, but also as an ominously trustworthy man of great skill and charm. One has to have special set of charm and skills to attract these big names unto one’s hands.

Anyone wanting to research about the life of Chenever should also put emphasis on the work that he did with United Technologies. It is there that he built himself a name as a great entrepreneur challenging the industry and offering it with new solutions that only few dare to accomplish. His work at UTC is also a good testament of how his past was not a hindrance to his future success. He was not born with a silver spoon, and so all his success right now is a product of grit, hard work, patience and determination.

The time Chenevert spent in UTC also has lent the company the kind of stellar work ethic and experience that Chenevert already had. Under his leadership, series of success were seen at UTC, including a delivery of about 84 percent of total return to the shareholders of UTC, which was significantly higher than the previous leadership’s performance. It is also not then a stretch to say that the leadership Chenevert had offered for UTC has shaped the company to be adaptable to the future of America as a profitable reigning conglomerate.

A Look At How OSI Group Sprang To Life

Discussions on the economic history of America in the 20th century are not complete without the mention of the OSI Group. What started out as a corner butcher shop has grown to a major corporation with outlets in 17 countries. It boasts of more than 100 years in the food processing industry.

Humble Beginnings

Many immigrants got into the country through Chicago, Illinois. Otto Kolschoswky, from Germany, was among them and opted to remain in the thriving city. He tried his hand in business as he set up a butcher shop. As the years wore on, he added Maywood residents to the list of his clients. This move allowed him to adopt a wholesale kind of business. The growth of the business made him think about rebranding. He brought his sons on board and in 1928 Otto & Sons was born.

Exponential Growth

When McDonald’s was established, they counted on OSI Group to supply their products. The two family businesses decided to join hands after the Second World War as modern suburbs became the order of the day. The franchise model was also gaining a lot of popularity about this time of the century.Ray Kroc took over the leadership of McDonald’s corporation in a move that would change the fortunes of Otto & Sons forever. The former kept opening restaurants across the country and the latter gladly supplied the meat products.The advent of the cryogenic food processing technology made things far much easier for Otto & Sons to deliver on its end of the deal. The cost of production went down considerably while they consistently provided products that had the customer in mind.

Entry Into The Corporate Scene

Their first processing plant was established in 1973. It was dedicated to meeting the needs of the McDonald’s brand. In 1975, the stage was set for the firm to move to the next level. They rebranded to OSI industries. In the same year a partner was sought and Sheldon Lavin, their investment consultant, fit the bill.Sheldon would later become the chief executive of the firm in the 1980s. Much of the success of OSI Group and its expansion into the global market has been attributed to his expertise in the business world. OSI Group still faithfully provides meat products to clients in locations throughout the world.

Marathon Pharmaceuticals Is Helping People Who Have No Hope

Marathon Pharmaceuticals is an organization that helps people fights diseases after doctors say there is no cure. Marathon has the leading experts on their team who daily study how certain non-curable diseases enter the body and what medicines fight against them the best. Marathon is the proud owner of over a dozen laboratories in America, and all of the laboratories work with different medicines and treatments all day long.


In addition to fighting sicknesses that or not curable, Marathon Pharmaceuticals also helps people who have a disease but no insurance to fight that disease. On a monthly basis, Marathon donates over one-million dollars in treatment and in medicine to people all around America who do not have insurance. These funds are based on a first-come-first-served basis, and they are are also based on a person’s financial situation.


This year alone, Marathon Pharmaceuticals was known for creating over 15 different medications, which were all fully approved by the FDA. These medications are designed to fight diseases in the brain and emotional sicknesses like depression, bipolar, and more. Within the next 24 months, this organization is expected to be the #1 pharmaceutical company in America.


Another great thing about Marathon Pharmaceuticals is that their organization has opened doors for thousands and thousands of people to become employed. Marathon currently has four main headquarters in the United States. These facilities employee, doctors, research specialists, laboratory specialists, janitors, managers, clerks, and more.


On Marathon’s website, hundreds of patients have left positive reviews. These reviews explain how certain diseases were cured due to the persistence of Marathon. These reviews also thank Marathon for all of the financial contributions given on an annual basis. Many patients would have never been able to have surgery if Marathon did not pay for it, and these individuals are forever indebted to Marathon.


Perry Mandera Contributions To The Community

Custom Cares Charities is an organization that was founded by Perry Mandera and being a charitable organization, it has its links transport dedication industry. Perry Mandera is a man that has been constantly striving to assist other people. He is also a family man entrepreneur and he cares about his wife and children. He is a faithful churchman. In addition to that, Perry Mandera is a great fan of sports and also a proud man who worked for the United States. He served in the marine corps reserves and he is the board of directors at Illinois Trucking Associations.


He attended his high school education at Chicago where in 1975 he graduated to join the army after and assigned to be the motor pool. While he was performing his motor pool duties, this is where Perry Mandera learned to drive trucks. He was given an honorable discharge from the marines and joined back to the civilian life. In his life, he has worked for different companies especially after leaving the marines. He even started the transportation company that he later sold it after a service of five years in 1985.


As a philanthropist, Perry Mandera has been able to make some contributions that make him not be like other ordinary entrepreneurs. What he has been believing is giving back the community through donations and he has been able to donate some substantial amount to different charitable organizations. He has many dedications especially for the veterans and young people. In addition, Perry Mandera has offered his time and donation money so that he could help the organizations that are fighting against cancer eradication.


He was able to donate to some of his favorite charities like Walter & Connie together with Jesse White Tumblers with money for their transportation needs. In winter, he donated 6,500 coats to those children who are underprivileged that reside in Chicago and other surrounding localities.


He is always proud of what he does and therefore he even helps in coaching those youths that participate in baseball., football and basketball teams. He supports professional boxing where he offers financial support so that he can help some local boxing competitors. For example is Donnell Nickelson who participated in 1992 Spain Olympics in Barcelona.

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Beamridge Top Adviser Lee May Is A True Believer

The real estate market in London is very competitive. There are literally thousands of real estate deals that are happening at any time of the day. Most real estate experts agree that London is one of the most competitive markets in the world and only a few like Lee May are able to rise to the top and gain great success. Lee May is a successful man and he is also a caring man that truly believes in giving back to the community that was instrumental in helping him gain success in the real estate market.


The London Connection

London is a very highly sought after competitive market. Lee May is the top adviser to Beamridge, a design and build contractor firm today. However, Lee May was always ready to take a chance. It might appear that the odds were against Lee May because of the overwhelming population in an urban setting that provided small possibilities for land development. However, Lee May knew the way to wheel and deal in the real estate market. He started with a goal in mind. His goal was to become the biggest developer in South East London. He reached that goal. Actually, Lee May is a bit of an overachiever. Today, he has completed a wide variety of successful real estate deals that include everything from an East London apartment deal to an outstanding real estate deal in Essex. His great success in London and surrounding areas has led Lee May to setting his sights on international real estate deals.


The International Connection

Certainly, the Beamridge top adviser is an amazing business man that has quickly risen to the top of the local real estate industry. However, Lee May is also a very ambitious man that would like to share his real estate expertise with an international audience. The real estate genius help to broker an international deal with a Hong Kong partner that was worth billions. In addition, he was involved in a real estate deal in Canada that acquired land to build a commercial complex.


Clearly, Beamridge adviser, Lee May is a real estate expert that started out in London, but now has a strong international connection to which he brings a wealth of experience.


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IC Systems success is the perfect definition of women and power

The subject of women and leadership has always been one that sparks global interest, and as the world continues to embrace women and power, IC system boasts a proven track record that indeed females have the potential to transform small businesses into giant conglomerates. Ever since its inception, Ruth Erickson one of the founders of IC system dedicated her life to building the company from scratch and with her unique leadership skills managed to help it stay at the apex for more than a century leaving behind a legacy that will forever be embedded in the company’s day to day routine.


IC systems background


The company was formed through collective efforts of Ruth and her husband Jack Erickson about a century ago. Even though she played an essential role in its day to day running, she took over the reins of leadership after her husband Jack passed away. Though a widow, Ruth ensured that the primary goal of IC systems which has always been to help its clients achieve financial stability while safeguarding its strong moral compass was upheld even after the passing of Jack.


She exhibited unrivaled strength and high ethical standards which is what made her style of governance even more unique. Till date, the moral and ethical foundations set by Ruth are still intact and are utilized as its core values.

Factors that contributed to IC Systems’ growth


Great leadership


Besides her strong ethical standards, Ruth Erickson was and is still the perfect definition of servant leadership. Instead of rolling out orders and waiting for her juniors to do everything, she took the proactive measure of meeting clients in person and sending myriads of letters to help her clients in collections. Her efforts proved to be fruitful because, within a short span of time, IC system’s client base experienced a tremendous expansion as its customers realized the essence of hiring collection services from a company committed to meeting and surpassing their expectations.




Apart from her exemplary servant leadership, another foundation that Ruth Erickson set for IC system is to adapt to technological innovations malleably. When the first computer was invented, most businesses were still reluctant about taking them up, but she immediately did. This boosted IC’s ability to deliver top-notch and timely services to its clients as she was able to write more letters and serve more clients. Ever since then IC has never looked back and adopts useful innovations by each wake a factor that has seen it accomplish monumental success as it not only stays up to date with the ever dynamic world of business but also delivers services that are at par with the expectations of clients and consumers.


More about IC systems


IC systems is an account collection company which as mentioned was established in 1938. Till date, the company has maintained the ethics and values set by its founding figures, Ruth and Jack Erickson and delivers state of the art services which are compliant with all the necessary regulations. Just like Ruth and Jack would have loved to see it, IC systems has remained a family-owned business throughout the generations a factor that has immensely contributed to its success as the management team is aware of the essence of following ethical values set by Ruth. Thanks to that, it has bagged many accolades and honors such as being nominated for the esteemed BBB torch awards for three successive years. Today it boasts an extensive client base of over 500 associations, and at its current pace, there is no doubt that it will expand its horizons even more.


Glen Wakeman’s Contribution Regarding Travel and Work

Glen Wakeman is one of the role models in making the traveling life and working together with other things a reality and quite enjoyable. He has a unique experience for twenty years at General Electric. While at General Electric, Glen lived in around six countries and worked in thirty-two countries. Moreover, while in the company, he founded the General Electric Money Latin America that has grown to be an organization that has hired more than 17,000 in over nine nations. He gives insights on how to grow and prosper in business while enjoying seeing different faces of the countries through travel. He has valuable information on blending the two.


Glen Wakeman broadly discusses the benefits of travel before diving into the ways of traveling and such. He begins that this is a way of finding fulfillment. An exceptional means to enjoy life, which is far beyond riches and such. He says that through travel, stresses are relieved. He says that a short vacation is a next contributor to a more relived life. The next point on benefits of traveling is the fact that it grows one’s creativity capacity. When things are done the same way, it becomes monotonous, and that can hinder some levels of creativity from being achieved. Breaking this norm for daily routines can help your mind and brain to have some new creativity connection through the things viewed along the travel journey. The third contribution is improving one’s social skills. Travel makes you meet new people apart from the daily colleagues and acquaintances. This means that you will have unique connections to make with the strangers you meet. As a result, a new community and class of friends are birthed out of travel engagement.


Working while traveling is something that Glen Wakeman has earnt over time. Travel does not make you lose an opportunity to earn money; it should be a moment that you enjoy work more. One of the most significant contributions is the ability to learn how different cultures carry out businesses and you can be sure to learn something new from the same. Working abroad broadens one’s ability to blend with different cultures and appreciate them.

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Custom Companies an Industry Leader that Provides a Broad Range of Transportation Solutions

When first founded in 1986, Custom Companies had but one goal in mind, to provide their customers, a wide array of transportation solutions that are all under one roof.


To reach this goal a comprehensive approach was planned and followed until Custom Companies rapidly expanded into a major “Full-Service Transportation Company” from a minor two-truck small operation.


Moreover, the transportation Company currently operates nationwide, with more than two thousand pieces of transportation equipment while based in Northlake, IL. and offer a wide range of transportation services that include 50 State (LTL) Less than Truckload.


The Company is committed to not only meet the needs of their shippers around the world while providing them with a personalized hands-on approach but to also provide the best world-class services to each and every one of their clients and customers as well.


In addition, due to their Custom Culture, loyal dedication, and commitment approaches, Custom Companies have been able to form solid relationships with their customers, who accepted the transportation company as their partners and providers in servicing all of their transportation needs.


It is no wonder Custom Companies rapidly became an esteemed leader in the Transportation industry.


Services Offered by Custom Companies include…


  • Dedicated Cartage Contracts
  • Distribution of Mail
  • Packing Services
  • Hot Shot Services
  • Expedited Ground Services
  • Partial/Full Truckloads Throughout North America
  • International and Domestic Air Freight

and more


Custom Companies are also fully equipped with high-quality flatbed equipment and temperature controlled dry vans. Thus, the company is certified with ISO 9001:2008, and is on a never-ending quest to continuously upgrade and improve their equipment and user functions.


Whatever is required of the team at Custom Companies they are ready to respond: a last-minute shipment on a holiday, or a weekly routine shipment. A shipment for a small local business, or a large enterprise corporation, they pride themselves in responding rapidly, while committing to delivering each and every shipment promptly, using their philosophy to, “get it right the first time.”


These statements are Custom Companies’ culture. They are written on the walls of their establishments and in every employee’s heart and minds.


Thanks Stansberry Research for Opening My Eyes to Trends Facing Berkshire Hathaway!

Stansberry Research excited me again with this article relating to Berkshire Hathaway. It seems that Warren Buffett is investing in companies that have not mirrored his past investments. Stansberry Research shares with the public just how much Buffett might be failing in his investing endeavors. The icon who once only invested in businesses with strong management and low capital needs has switched his focus. Two of Berkshire’s beginning companies, Coca-Cola and Gillette have strong management and needed very little capital upon initial investment because of their brand. The household names alone prove to be a winning choice for any investor. Utility and transportation companies, with names no one will recognize has now become Buffett’s focus for the last few years and it is not looking good for Buffett. It seems unlikely that Buffett would put his company or livelihood in jeopardy but Stansberry Research has never given advice that proved to be faulty. Stansberry Research reminds us that Buffett promised dividend payouts if numbers fall too low. Buffett might have to start issuing dividends to shareholders if he keeps investing in the companies with initially high capital needs. This information is clearly a public service for the readers of Stansberry Research. On the other hand, our government might believe Buffett to be smart. Utility and transportation companies need assistance from our billionaire friend Buffett in order to prosper. The investment comparison provided by Stansberry Research reflects the changes in Buffett’s investing. Most of the companies Berkshire owns are insurance companies, these companies have proven to be low risk, inward cash flowing investments. Buffett surely knows that as long as he retains the insurance companies and their ability to bring in a positive cash flow year after year he has room to invest in companies that have high capital needs up front. Stansberry Research wins again with overwhelmingly awesome content and statistics to prove their point but no one can positively state that Buffett is going to drain Berkshire Hathaway by simply re-focusing his investments.

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Roberto Santiago Enhances Brazilian Shopping Environment

Roberto Santiago is known for his real estate ventures throughout Latin America. One of the ones that he is best known for, however, is that of the Manaira shopping mall. This has become the staple that has allowed Roberto Santiago to expand and build other similar shopping environments in Latin America. He has created a very interesting concept that has allowed him to totally transform the retail landscape in Brazil. Over the years Roberto has been able to continuously expand upon this type of environment, and this is what people appreciate about his grand desire to create the type of mall environment that would attract consumers that wanted convenience. There are dozens of stores for people to shop in when they come to the Manaira Mall. This is a fraction of the landscape, but Roberto Santiago was thinking ahead. He had a vision that extended beyond shopping, this is what makes his concept buzzworthy.


Instead of simply putting shoppers inside of a place where they were doing nothing more than shopping Roberto Santiago decided to take another route. He made a decision to actually give consumers the ability to enjoy themselves with an extensive food court where they could eat. He gave them the ability to hang out by expanding the Manaira shopping mall to also include a lounge where guests could spend their time. He even made it possible for people that were looking for more entertainment that required movement to go to an amusement park or go bowling all inside of this mall.

This massive mall has continued to be highly imitated buy all of the different people that are interested in a mall environment that caters to a wide stream of individuals.


More people are appreciative of what Santiago has done because it shakes up the balance as to what is considered the norm. When people come to Brazil they are looking for an endless amount of possibilities when it comes to experiencing new things. Roberto Santiago had this on his radar when he got started with this mall but it would gain even more fame as it expanded. Now there’s also a concert hall for people to enjoy if they have a desire to take on music or anyting that allows them to build a better experience when they are out enjoying their time on the town.


Brazil is known for many things because it is a lively tourist spot. What Roberto wanted to do is give people an over-extended view of all the possibilities that exist in the form of shopping and entertainment when it is combined. He wanted to create something grand, and he has become widely known in Brazilian circles for this mall.