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How David McDonald Became An Integral Part Of OSI Group’s Success

When David McDonald joined OSI Group it was a much smaller company than it is today. Since he joined this company in the 1980s it has had spectacular growth and has expanded into nations around the world. OSI Group is a company that supplies processed food to its clients, mostly beef, poultry, and pork products but also fruits, vegetables, marinades, sauces, and the like.David McDonald was born and raised on a farm in northeast Iowa. He was a student at Iowa State University and earned a degree in animal science, earning the Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award in his final year. This award is given to students who achieve outstanding results academically, display high character, and engage in university and community activities.

After he graduated his first job was at OSI Group. He was hired as a project manager at this company’s headquarters in Aurora, Illinois. Through hard work and diligence, he rose through the ranks and is now the president and chief operating officer. During his time at OSI Group, he has helped it branch out into new ventures and partnerships both domestically and internationally. Today OSI Group is a major privately held American company. It is worth $6.1 billion which ranks it 58th among the biggest such companies in the nation. David McDonald has played a critical role in this growth.

OSI Group generally expands by either partnering with other companies in the industry or by buying them. He often takes the point in these negotiations, such as he did in 2016 when he was key to his company buying two European companies, Baho Foods and Flagship Europe. More recently he was the one who negotiated a partnership in Australia with Turi Foods.David McDonald, as successful as he is, has never forgotten his roots. He is a proud supporter of the University of Iowa and its community. He actively supports this university’s Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative. He also provides financial support to his fraternity’s scholarship fund. He has set up internships at OSI Group for students of ISU so they can gain real-world experience.

Barbara Stokes Delivers Disaster Relief

In 2005, New Orleans made headlines around the US when Hurricane Katrina hit, then Hurricane Rita followed to inflict even more damage on the battered region. After the floodwaters receded and media coverage waned, the families who lived in the affected communities returned to the area to pick up the pieces of their lives. FEMA stepped in with temporary shelters for those families who had either lost their homes or were waiting for them to become livable again. Unfortunately, these shelters ended up being plagued with issues due to faulty design and toxic levels of formaldehyde. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.

Meanwhile in Huntsville, Alabama, Barbara Stokes and her husband Scott knew there was a better way to make temporary homes for families going through disaster reconstruction. Together they founded Green Structure Homes which is now being utilized by FEMA and HUD for their disaster relief efforts. What sets Green Structure Homes apart is their process. Instead of contracting out their work, it is done in-house and by locals within affected communities. Read this article at Their affordable homes are quick to assemble so they can be on-location quickly when disaster strikes. Since their homes are energy efficient, families can use them long-term, as is often necessary when rebuilding after floods and major environmental disasters. When Hurricane Harvey hit Texas in 2017, Barbara Stokes was called into action, bringing their Green Structure Homes to those in need.

The Mercer University graduate got her start double majoring in biochemical engineering and physics. Fellow engineer Scott also left his high-paying job along with his wife to start their company. Their experience with government contracts and manufacturing processes come in handy while running the company as CEO and COO. Their dedication to restoring families and communities keeps them pushing forward as industry leaders.