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TeenSafe, An Online Destination for Safety

With the addition of so many ways to access the internet in today’s day and age, it’s almost impossible to keep up with the technology. It seems our young children know more than adults when it comes to navigating content online.


TeenSafe has been helping educate parents on the latest apps and their uses since 2011. It gives parents a way to comprehend the countless websites and their functions. Since an adolescent’s brain, which is responsible for high-level reasoning and decision making, is not fully functional until their early 20’s, it is up to us as parents to help regulate and keep them safe.


In order to help with this process, TeenSafe offers many ways to assist adults and children so that web browsing can be used responsibly. Phone monitoring may seem like an invasion of privacy but if parents are open and honest with their children the process will seem less invasive. It is more about keeping our children safe than taking away their freedoms.


While children today seem to be growing up faster, it’s nice to know there is a place to turn to when parents have questions. TeenSafe allows parents to see what their child is doing when they are online. It can restrict the use of certain apps as well as pause its activity when necessary. Don’t want your teen to text and drive? TeenSafe can restrict texts while they are behind the wheel as well as inform parents of where they are at a given time.


Using the internet is inevitable. Technology is everywhere but as long as it is used safely it can be a great educational tool. No parent wants their child to fall victim to internet bullies, crime or predators. TeenSafe helps alleviate the problem of online iniquity making the internet a fun and safe place to learn and educate.


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