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Paul Mampilly’s Inspirational Career Background

Paul Mampilly, like any other child in the society, had no idea that he would become the great investment icon that he is today. His upbringing was faced with a lot of financial challenges since he was never brought up in a well up family. His father had been born and brought up in a small village in India where he pursued his studies and managed to get to the college level. Unfortunately, he never got a lucrative job that could provide decent income that could adequately cater for his family’s needs. Visit the website to learn more.

This challenged Mampilly’s father because he wanted his children to have better education so that they could form the pillar of the family. At this time, the dreams of the two children, Paul Mampilly, and his sister seemed shuttered. One day, their father decided to move to Dubai to start living there. He relocated with his family and left everything in Bombay, India, where they had been residing. Luckily, the economic environment in Dubai turned out to be more conducive than the family had expected. Oil mining had just been discovered in the country, and so the economy was flourishing.

Due to this, Mampilly’s father was able to raise enough school fees for his children to complete their education and even attain college degrees. Paul Mampilly joined Montclair State University where he acquired an undergraduate degree in Business Administration before he mastered the same discipline at the Fordham Gabelli School of Business. Read more articles by Paul Mampilly at Banyan Hill.

After completion in 1991, Paul joined the Wall Street where his career began as an assistant portfolio manager working for the Bankers Trust Company. He later made several job transfers to different companies where he worked in various positions and roles. Some of these companies include the Deutsche Bank (where he was a research assistant), senior research analyst at the ING, senior portfolio manager at the Kinetics Asset Management. All this long, Paul Mampilly was managing wealth for some individual tycoons, a role that he did passionately. However, Mampilly felt that he had distanced himself from his family and hence needed more time for this. He, therefore, decided to resign from the portfolio management.