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David Giertz Offers Sound Retirement Advice

Preparing For The Future
One of the most important and most often neglected aspects of life is preparing for retirement. Particularly, many financial advisors do not discuss social security with their clients. According to David Giertz, this a serious problem because social security makes up a large portion of the future retirement income many Americans will receive. In fact, it is usually about 40% of the retirement income for most Americans on Facebook. This means that most people will need to find a way to fit it in to their plans. Although there are some people who may find a path to retirement without considering social security most will need it.

Nationwide Finance
David Giertz offers much of his financial advice as the president of the sales and distribution organization for Nationwide Finance. He is responsible for helping people find the right insurance plan for their future and guiding people in the right direction. His experience has allowed Nationwide to expand extensively and become one of the largest finance companies in America. His advice at has even allowed him to publish articles helping people plan for their futures.

About David Giertz
David Giertz is a financial planning expert with decades of experience in his field. He uses his expertise to advise people on how to prepare for their retirement and how to ready themselves for other important aspects of their future. His excellence in service on Finra has even allowed to take on important roles in insurance companies like Nationwide Financial.