Custom Companies an Industry Leader that Provides a Broad Range of Transportation Solutions

When first founded in 1986, Custom Companies had but one goal in mind, to provide their customers, a wide array of transportation solutions that are all under one roof.


To reach this goal a comprehensive approach was planned and followed until Custom Companies rapidly expanded into a major “Full-Service Transportation Company” from a minor two-truck small operation.


Moreover, the transportation Company currently operates nationwide, with more than two thousand pieces of transportation equipment while based in Northlake, IL. and offer a wide range of transportation services that include 50 State (LTL) Less than Truckload.


The Company is committed to not only meet the needs of their shippers around the world while providing them with a personalized hands-on approach but to also provide the best world-class services to each and every one of their clients and customers as well.


In addition, due to their Custom Culture, loyal dedication, and commitment approaches, Custom Companies have been able to form solid relationships with their customers, who accepted the transportation company as their partners and providers in servicing all of their transportation needs.


It is no wonder Custom Companies rapidly became an esteemed leader in the Transportation industry.


Services Offered by Custom Companies include…


  • Dedicated Cartage Contracts
  • Distribution of Mail
  • Packing Services
  • Hot Shot Services
  • Expedited Ground Services
  • Partial/Full Truckloads Throughout North America
  • International and Domestic Air Freight

and more


Custom Companies are also fully equipped with high-quality flatbed equipment and temperature controlled dry vans. Thus, the company is certified with ISO 9001:2008, and is on a never-ending quest to continuously upgrade and improve their equipment and user functions.


Whatever is required of the team at Custom Companies they are ready to respond: a last-minute shipment on a holiday, or a weekly routine shipment. A shipment for a small local business, or a large enterprise corporation, they pride themselves in responding rapidly, while committing to delivering each and every shipment promptly, using their philosophy to, “get it right the first time.”


These statements are Custom Companies’ culture. They are written on the walls of their establishments and in every employee’s heart and minds.