Daniel Taub Visits Bradford To Work On Building A Stronger Bond Between Israelis and The British People

Recently, Daniel Taub, The ambassador to Britain from Israel, took a trip to Bradford where inflammatory comments from George Galloway, Bradford West’s MP, had shaken up the community. According to Taub, he was there on invitation, and he took the opportunity to meet with members within the community as well as religious leaders. What Galloway had said was that Bradford should be an “Israel Free Zone,” without any services or anything, for that matter, related to Israel.


When Daniel Taub visited the city, he got a much different impression than Gallaway had made the city out to seem. Instead of discovering large groups of people who felt as Gallaway did, what he found was a community where people from differing backgrounds and religions lived together in peace. After posting his comments online, an investigation into Galloway by the British police began. Daniel Taub commented that it would be productive for Galloway to not try to drag Israel, and the entire region, back into the past but to, instead, focus on moving it into the future.


The unfortunate truth, is that Galloway has an anti-Semitic history and has been known to have racist tendencies towards Israelis. He once said that he would not debate an opponent of his simply because they were from Israel. He also demonstrated odd behavior when he said that he never made strange accusations that it was Israel who was creating trouble in the Ukraine and that it was also them who had gifted Al-Qaeda with chemical weapons. The problem with his denial was that had been recorded. Learn more: http://rabbisacks.org/rabbi-sacks-conversation-daniel-taub/


Daniel Taub made it clear, on his arrival, that he was in Bradford because the people of the city had invited him. He believes that there are plenty of possibilities for discussion in the city and that many have made it clear they don’t agree with Galloway. He made reference to the fact that Bradford and Israel have long been cooperating with one another and that Galloway does not represent the city.


Daniel Taub is the departing Ambassador of Israel to the court of St. James, and he has a long history of bringing the people of Britain and Israel together. While he was born in the United Kingdom, Mr. Taub is Jewish and calls Israel his homeland. A lot of his work has been to draw people closer together, and he has been especially effective at building technology and trade ties between then two nations.



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