Glen Wakeman’s Contribution Regarding Travel and Work

Glen Wakeman is one of the role models in making the traveling life and working together with other things a reality and quite enjoyable. He has a unique experience for twenty years at General Electric. While at General Electric, Glen lived in around six countries and worked in thirty-two countries. Moreover, while in the company, he founded the General Electric Money Latin America that has grown to be an organization that has hired more than 17,000 in over nine nations. He gives insights on how to grow and prosper in business while enjoying seeing different faces of the countries through travel. He has valuable information on blending the two.


Glen Wakeman broadly discusses the benefits of travel before diving into the ways of traveling and such. He begins that this is a way of finding fulfillment. An exceptional means to enjoy life, which is far beyond riches and such. He says that through travel, stresses are relieved. He says that a short vacation is a next contributor to a more relived life. The next point on benefits of traveling is the fact that it grows one’s creativity capacity. When things are done the same way, it becomes monotonous, and that can hinder some levels of creativity from being achieved. Breaking this norm for daily routines can help your mind and brain to have some new creativity connection through the things viewed along the travel journey. The third contribution is improving one’s social skills. Travel makes you meet new people apart from the daily colleagues and acquaintances. This means that you will have unique connections to make with the strangers you meet. As a result, a new community and class of friends are birthed out of travel engagement.


Working while traveling is something that Glen Wakeman has earnt over time. Travel does not make you lose an opportunity to earn money; it should be a moment that you enjoy work more. One of the most significant contributions is the ability to learn how different cultures carry out businesses and you can be sure to learn something new from the same. Working abroad broadens one’s ability to blend with different cultures and appreciate them.

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