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Ancient Greek Busts
Bust of Athena in white marble finish on black stone base
Classic Aphrodite of Melos Bust in antique marble finish
Aphrodite of Melos Bust
This flawless reproduction of the Greek ideal  for feminine beauty is an elegant addition to your home or office decor. Bonded stone. #G-017S, 9" tall.
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Bust of King Leonidas,  in marble finish, on black stone base.
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Aphrodite of Melos statue, marble finish, on black marble base.
Ankh Wall Reliefs
Greek Statues
Athena in Helmet Wall Fragment, antique stone finish
Greek Wall Art
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Bust of Alexander the Great as a youth, antique marble finish, black marble base.
Alexander Bust
Alexander the Great, from the famous original in the Acropolis Museum of Athens. #G-031SM, 8" tall, 5" wide.
Athena Pallas Bust
Greek Goddess of Wisdom, from the famous original in the Louvre. G-079SM, near "life-size" at 17" tall, 9" wide
Bust of Athena in white marble finish on black stone base
Julius Caesar, Roman Emperor
Bust on Marble Base
Classic Greek sculpture of the great Roman general . Q-001SM, 15.5" tall, 7.25" wide, 8.5" deep.
Bust of Julius Caesar in marble finish on a black stone base.
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Leonidas - Spartan King Bust
Commander of the legendary Spartan 300, from the 5 B.C. original. 
11" tall, 5" wide, 5" deep.
Horsehead statue in antiqued stone finish on black marble base,
Parthenon Horse Head
Taken from a wall frieze in the Parthnon at Athens. 7.5 inches tall.