How Organo Gold Company Came to Be

It is ultimately true that history defines the very nature of a person. The ability for any man or company surpassing their origin dictates how far of the journey they can go. The saying above can be a clear indication of the Organo Gold Company. The company’s founding father was Bernard Chua. Bernard Chua began the Oregano Cold Company in 2008. Watch this video on Youtube.

Bernard Chua is an expert when it comes to the marketing industry. He began the Company to help offer the coffee industry a multi-level marketing opportunity to individual coffee sellers to help them promote their coffee products. The Organo Gold Company maximizes on the fact that coffee is the second favorite and consumed beverage across the world.

Despite the harsh economic times, Coffee still exhibits durability and elasticity in almost every market in the world. It evident that coffee shops have taken up a majority of street corners and coffee products fill grocery shops stalls. With this growth in the coffee industry, it is expected that obtaining a stable market can prove to be difficult for individual sellers especially when offering plain coffee.

To help bridge the gap between the individual sellers and the market, Organo Gold steps in. The company produces its own different type of coffee and then sells the products using the multi-level marketing structure. The operation of this company is different. A board called the Scientific Advisory Board runs the Company. It has its offices in Canada and the USA.

The Company does not sell its products in retail shops or Coffeehouses. It acquires the assistance of individual sellers who purchase their coffee products from Organo gold in wholesale. The distributors then sell the company’s products using their effort. The total earnings they acquire is split into 50% with the Company.


The company uses Multi-level marketing, which allows individual marketers to advertise, promote, and sell their products on a regular basis. The whole team of distributors, salespersons, and the company share the profit earned from each sale. The products the Company produces include a diversity of Ganoderma blends.

Ganoderma is a blend of gourmet coffee and mushroom. It is a traditional Chinese herb. The Ganoderma herb helps in the reduction of Cholesterol. It also has an antiviral component, which helps to improve your body’s immune system. It also helps give the Coffee a more productive and healthier taste in comparison to everyday Coffee.

Apart from Ganoderma Coffee, the company produces Ganoderma blended tea, hot chocolate, supplements and a latte blend. The growth of the company has been steady and consistent all through. The company sales to an expanded network of countries. The countries include Germany, Austria, Philippines, among others. Visit to know more about Organo Gold.