IC Systems success is the perfect definition of women and power

The subject of women and leadership has always been one that sparks global interest, and as the world continues to embrace women and power, IC system boasts a proven track record that indeed females have the potential to transform small businesses into giant conglomerates. Ever since its inception, Ruth Erickson one of the founders of IC system dedicated her life to building the company from scratch and with her unique leadership skills managed to help it stay at the apex for more than a century leaving behind a legacy that will forever be embedded in the company’s day to day routine.


IC systems background


The company was formed through collective efforts of Ruth and her husband Jack Erickson about a century ago. Even though she played an essential role in its day to day running, she took over the reins of leadership after her husband Jack passed away. Though a widow, Ruth ensured that the primary goal of IC systems which has always been to help its clients achieve financial stability while safeguarding its strong moral compass was upheld even after the passing of Jack.


She exhibited unrivaled strength and high ethical standards which is what made her style of governance even more unique. Till date, the moral and ethical foundations set by Ruth are still intact and are utilized as its core values.

Factors that contributed to IC Systems’ growth


Great leadership


Besides her strong ethical standards, Ruth Erickson was and is still the perfect definition of servant leadership. Instead of rolling out orders and waiting for her juniors to do everything, she took the proactive measure of meeting clients in person and sending myriads of letters to help her clients in collections. Her efforts proved to be fruitful because, within a short span of time, IC system’s client base experienced a tremendous expansion as its customers realized the essence of hiring collection services from a company committed to meeting and surpassing their expectations.




Apart from her exemplary servant leadership, another foundation that Ruth Erickson set for IC system is to adapt to technological innovations malleably. When the first computer was invented, most businesses were still reluctant about taking them up, but she immediately did. This boosted IC’s ability to deliver top-notch and timely services to its clients as she was able to write more letters and serve more clients. Ever since then IC has never looked back and adopts useful innovations by each wake a factor that has seen it accomplish monumental success as it not only stays up to date with the ever dynamic world of business but also delivers services that are at par with the expectations of clients and consumers.


More about IC systems


IC systems is an account collection company which as mentioned was established in 1938. Till date, the company has maintained the ethics and values set by its founding figures, Ruth and Jack Erickson and delivers state of the art services which are compliant with all the necessary regulations. Just like Ruth and Jack would have loved to see it, IC systems has remained a family-owned business throughout the generations a factor that has immensely contributed to its success as the management team is aware of the essence of following ethical values set by Ruth. Thanks to that, it has bagged many accolades and honors such as being nominated for the esteemed BBB torch awards for three successive years. Today it boasts an extensive client base of over 500 associations, and at its current pace, there is no doubt that it will expand its horizons even more.