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Isis Standing Statue

MYTHOLOGY:  The name Isis means "Seat" or "Throne". She was regarded as the symbolical mother of the King. In myth she sought her dead husband and brother, Osiris, conceived her son Horus by him, buried and mourned him together with her sister Nephtys. Isis was regarded as the “Eye of Ra” and was worshipped as the "Great of Magic" who had protected her son Horus from snakes, predators and other dangers, and thus she would also protect mortal children. In the New Kingdom Isis was closely connected with Hathor whose physical attributes, the cow's horns and sun-disk she adopted.
Small (9.5")
9.5 inches tall

Isis Guardian from King Tut's Tomb
Winged Isis Statue
Egyptian Gods
and Goddesses
This dramatic image of Isis with wings spread is available in two sizes: 25" wide and 8" wide.
Product Information
• Product #E-317GP
• Finish: Gold with color details
• Type: Statue
  Material: Bonded marble
• Size: 9.5" tall
This richly detailed statue shows Isis wearing the cow horn and sun disk headdress of Hathor the mother goddess, with whom she became more closely identified in later incarnations.  She wears a highly  ornamented dress of feathers, and holds the waas sceptor in one hand and an ankh in the other, both symbols of a ruler.  Available in two sizes--the large statue (14" tall) and the small (9.5" tall).  This statue of Isis is a great choice to add a luxurious touch to your decor.
#E-201GP, 14" Tall. Gilt & color enamel on bonded marble.
Winged Isis
Standing Statue
Golden Isis guardian statue from Tutankhamun tomb
E-210GP, 14.5" Tall. The original was one of the golden treasures found in Tutan-khamun's tomb. 2 sizes available.
Winged Isis statue in natural colors, several sizes available.
Egyptian Goddess Isis standing, in gold with color details.
Winged Isis statue in gold with color details
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