Joe Arpaio is pardoned by the President Making Lacey and Larkin Extremely Unpleased

Without a doubt, the history of presidential pardons in America has never been this unusual to the point of the ordinary citizens running to the streets to riot. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

The recent pardoning of Sherriff Joe Arpaio by President Donald Trump is not only inclined towards creating a social discourse but also shaping one. Alongside describing him as America’s toughest cop, it looks like the justice system has been compromised this time.

Background Data

Most people may probably remember him as the sheriff whose heinous acts cover the wrongful imprisonment of immigrants and Jim Larkin as well as Michael Lacey, the two owners of one media house called Village Voice.

What Happened?

On one evening in 2010, when Lacey and Larkin were in their separate homes with their families, of course, black USV’s approached their homes and in were the Maricopa Selective Unit Agents who forcefully found their way into their homes and arrested the duo. Unknowingly to them, the arrest warrant was facilitated by Joe Arpaio.

The two men were forcibly hauled into the vehicles even after attempting to defy the arrest orders. Apparently, they were arrested on the charges of disseminating valuable information regarding a grand-jury.

The Village Media Paper

A more in-depth look into the series of events shows that Lacey and Larkin were the masterminds behind the entire saga of disclosing the misgivings of Sheriff Joe Arpaio through Village Voice Media publications and the Phoenix New Times. Unfortunately, they were unaware that the grand-jury was on their case.

The Cases

Because the media personalities were trying to expose his misgivings, Arpaio was devastated. However, the more he was depressed by the circumstances, the more media houses dug deeper into his character.

Other than that, his department was in trouble as well. This is in the line of his deputies’ attitudes and their aggressive ways of dealing with inmates. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

Well, on a few occasions, Joe Arpaio was commanded to stop arresting immigrants based on their races as that was an offense on its own.

Even so, that did not stop. He went on with his business, as usual, always making biased arrests based on how an individual also looked if innocence was appended to their character. Now the major issue of his arrest came up when he was ordered to appear in court.

Additional Information

Joe Arpaio decided to disregard the judge’s order by refusing to appear in court. At that juncture, the jury ruled against him.

Consequently, he became a character of interest to the judiciary. He was set to appear in court for other multiple issues including mishandling inmates, torturing them, segregating them and using his deputies to do all the dirty work.

The Overview

As well know, justice delayed is justice denied. Arpaio’s case has never seen the light of justice until now. Besides, President Trump has pardoned him. This is an actual demeaning move to the democracy of the most influential state in the world.

Well, Lacey and Larkin and not happy about it. Neither are law experts from different areas of specialty.