Paul Mampilly’s Inspirational Career Background

Paul Mampilly, like any other child in the society, had no idea that he would become the great investment icon that he is today. His upbringing was faced with a lot of financial challenges since he was never brought up in a well up family. His father had been born and brought up in a small village in India where he pursued his studies and managed to get to the college level. Unfortunately, he never got a lucrative job that could provide decent income that could adequately cater for his family’s needs. Visit the website to learn more.

This challenged Mampilly’s father because he wanted his children to have better education so that they could form the pillar of the family. At this time, the dreams of the two children, Paul Mampilly, and his sister seemed shuttered. One day, their father decided to move to Dubai to start living there. He relocated with his family and left everything in Bombay, India, where they had been residing. Luckily, the economic environment in Dubai turned out to be more conducive than the family had expected. Oil mining had just been discovered in the country, and so the economy was flourishing.

Due to this, Mampilly’s father was able to raise enough school fees for his children to complete their education and even attain college degrees. Paul Mampilly joined Montclair State University where he acquired an undergraduate degree in Business Administration before he mastered the same discipline at the Fordham Gabelli School of Business. Read more articles by Paul Mampilly at Banyan Hill.

After completion in 1991, Paul joined the Wall Street where his career began as an assistant portfolio manager working for the Bankers Trust Company. He later made several job transfers to different companies where he worked in various positions and roles. Some of these companies include the Deutsche Bank (where he was a research assistant), senior research analyst at the ING, senior portfolio manager at the Kinetics Asset Management. All this long, Paul Mampilly was managing wealth for some individual tycoons, a role that he did passionately. However, Mampilly felt that he had distanced himself from his family and hence needed more time for this. He, therefore, decided to resign from the portfolio management.


Robert Ivy Earns Prestigious Mississippi Institute Of Arts And Letters Award

Executive vice president and CEO of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), Robert Ivy was awarded the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award in April 2018. The prestigious Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters (MIAL) Award marks a significant accomplishment as Robert Ivy is the first architect to win. The MIAL Award is given to Mississippi artists and patrons that have either created, performed or extraordinarily supported art.

Ivy joins the ranks of big names like Eudora Welty, Morgan Freeman, and Walter Anderson. He earned the award for his expansion of the global presence of the 160-year organization that has lead to easier access to architecture to the general public. This impressive expansion includes new national chapters in China and Canada. Robert Ivy is the CEO of AIA.

Read more: Robert Ivy to receive Lifetime Achievement Award

Before joining the AIA in 2011, Ivy worked as the editor-in-chief of the Architectural Record. The publication is distributed worldwide and has won an impressive array of awards including the elusive National Magazine Award for General Excellence. During Ivy’s tenure as editor-in-chief, he oversaw the expansion of the publication into the Middle East and China. Ivy’s China expansion saw the release of a Mandarin translation of the Architectural Record. Robert Ivy previous won the Master of Architecture award (the only one to win it in the 21st century) from Alpha Rho Chi for his ability to communicate the value of design to a broad audience and the Dean’s Medal from the University of Arkansas Fay Jones School of Architecture. Alpa Rho Chi has only presented the Master of Architecture seven times in their 100-year history with previous recipients Mies van der Rohe, Richard Buckminster Fuller, and I.M. Pei.

With the organization boosting its highest membership levels ever, AIA President Carl Elefante declared Ivy as a “worthy ambassador for our profession.”MIAL President Nancy LaForge added that “When it comes to making architecture more accessible to the general public, there’s no one else from Mississippi like Robert Ivy. As a writer, author and commentator on architecture worldwide, Ivy now takes his rightful place in an acclaimed list of Noel Polk Award honorees.” Robert Ivy will be present with the award June 2nd at an official event honoring the occasion.

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Barbara Stokes Delivers Disaster Relief

In 2005, New Orleans made headlines around the US when Hurricane Katrina hit, then Hurricane Rita followed to inflict even more damage on the battered region. After the floodwaters receded and media coverage waned, the families who lived in the affected communities returned to the area to pick up the pieces of their lives. FEMA stepped in with temporary shelters for those families who had either lost their homes or were waiting for them to become livable again. Unfortunately, these shelters ended up being plagued with issues due to faulty design and toxic levels of formaldehyde. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.

Meanwhile in Huntsville, Alabama, Barbara Stokes and her husband Scott knew there was a better way to make temporary homes for families going through disaster reconstruction. Together they founded Green Structure Homes which is now being utilized by FEMA and HUD for their disaster relief efforts. What sets Green Structure Homes apart is their process. Instead of contracting out their work, it is done in-house and by locals within affected communities. Read this article at Their affordable homes are quick to assemble so they can be on-location quickly when disaster strikes. Since their homes are energy efficient, families can use them long-term, as is often necessary when rebuilding after floods and major environmental disasters. When Hurricane Harvey hit Texas in 2017, Barbara Stokes was called into action, bringing their Green Structure Homes to those in need.

The Mercer University graduate got her start double majoring in biochemical engineering and physics. Fellow engineer Scott also left his high-paying job along with his wife to start their company. Their experience with government contracts and manufacturing processes come in handy while running the company as CEO and COO. Their dedication to restoring families and communities keeps them pushing forward as industry leaders.


Penelope Kokkinides and Rick Shinto as the key players in the growth of Innovacare Health

Innovacare Health is one of the leading health institutions that was started just some few years back. It has been able to go through much development over the years under the excellent management and leadership of the president and the CEO Rick Shinto. Another leader in who has contributed to the growth of Innovacare Health is Penelope Kokkinides who is the Chief Administrative Officer at the company.

Penelope Kokkinides has had extensive experience in health management and has worked in some organizations before working in Innovacare Health Company. Some of the remarkable figures she has worked with are Aveta where she served as the Chief Operating Officer; the government managed programs and managed care industry among others. Ashe attended Binghamton University where she graduated with a bachelor degree in Biological Sciences and Classical Languages. She also went to New York University where she attained a master’s degree in Social Work. Her educational background is one of the reasons she has become the woman she is today. Recently, President Donald Trump held a meeting with some women to discuss the improvement of the managed healthcare systems in Puerto Rico. Penelope Kokkinides was one of these women since she is believed to be one of the most prominent people who can help in increasing the efficiency of the healthcare systems with her vast knowledge and experience in the sector. Penelope Kokkinides mentions in the discussion that if the health care systems collapse in Puerto Rico, the residents will have to incur massive amounts of costs for them to acquire the healthcare services.

As the Chief administrative officer at the Innovacare health, Penelope Kokkinides says that they have a big plan for improving the status of the healthcare systems in Puerto Rico through innovation and use of the most advanced technologies to offer services that are cost friendly to the clients and at the same time be of the highest quality. This is the primary objective of the Innovacare Health.

Besides, Rich Shinto has also paid a significant role in the development of the Innovacare Health as the president and the CEO of the company. He has vast experience in the health management sector as well as rich educational background. He is a graduate of the University of California, a medical graduate from the University of New York as well as the University of Redlands in Masters Degree. He has been in a position to run the institution under the right management, and that is one of the main reasons the company has experienced rapid growth over the few years of operation.


The Rise of Jeremy Goldstein; All you ought to know

The Jeremy Goldstein & Associates is a high-class law company that is committed to guiding CEOs, the management groups, businesses as well as compensation teams that are in the corporate authority. It also deals with executive reimbursement matters with specific to issues that arise in transformative professional context.

Jeremy Goldstein is among the partners at the Jeremy Goldstein &Associates and he explains where the idea of JLG Associates rose from. He says the idea came up when he saw a large number of executive payment firms breaking off from larger establishments because of varying interest. He came up with the thought of establishing a law firm that deals with the compensation.

Jeremy Goldstein is excited about the fact that in general the governance domain and the executive payment in specific are stable. With this, the compensation boards. The companies and the executive are able to focus on corporate performances. This drives some thoughtful debates around linkages of pay and the performance with less wastage of time in box inspection.

Mr. Jeremy Goldstein strategy that helped him in the growth of his business was the importance of taking a keen interest in people. He advises that by keeping in touch, calling, writing and following up people get to know that you have an interest in them. With interest detected, the people will most likely seek your advice, thus he finishes by saying that caring has no substitute.

On daily habits that make him an effective lawyer, Mr. Jeremy Goldstein, says the better one is acquainted with their clients the better they can advise them. He, therefore, makes an honest effort in developing and maintaining a close relationship with his clients. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein: and

He also speaks to his clients regularly even if they are not dealing any pending matter. If possible, he sees his clients either in person both socially and professionally.

Jeremy Goldstein boasts a Juris Doctorate (J.D) from School of Law New York University as well as M.S from Chicago University. He also has a B.A.cum Laude from Cornell University with distinctions. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Facebook and Jeremy Goldstein | Slideshare

Mr. Jeremy Goldstein was involved in a number of major corporate dealings in the past years which included attainment of the Goodrich by the United Technologies, the Duke Energy among others.

He is also a board member of several professional bodies like NYU Journals of Business and Law among others. He is also a board director member at the Foundation Household.

More Than Two Decades Of Service With Sussex Healthcare

For twenty-five years Sussex Healthcare has operated facilities throughout England. Since 1985 the combination of Shiraz Boghani’s experience as a successful entrepreneur and Shafik Sachedina’s knowledge and understanding of the dental practice has generated more than twenty operating healthcare facilities today.

Sussex Healthcare specializes in live-in facilities for people dealing with a variety of mental and physical health disorders. The philosophy is that all people deserve continued access to a social life and leisure time.

There are skilled staff and caregiving support teams. Amanda Morgan-Taylor, the chief executive officer, understands management’s point of view as well as someone working directly with patients. And, Corrine Wallace, the head of marketing, has been a consultant in the healthcare industry for years and has earned a Master’s Degree in Business Administration.

Sussex Healthcare offers several types of care:

When it comes to the care of older people, onsite providers meet patients’ medical needs, and a regular part of operations is the use of additional therapeutic programs.

Adults with physical development issues and learning issues are helped with multisensory rooms, pools, and specialized care.

Specialized, palliative care is offered for those who are terminally ill with an emphasis on compassion regarding pain management and end-of-life decisions.

Their philosophy, also, emphasizes that those suffering from dementia ought to continue living an active and community-oriented life, and personalized plans are created to help each person manage their memory difficulties.

There’s care for individuals with a wide variety of neurological conditions, including Huntington’s disease, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and many more.

Sussex Healthcare
Working with colleges and institutions, Sussex Healthcare provides support for those with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities (PMLD), so patients can shop for their own food, get work, and live as normal a life as possible.

For more than two decades they have developed caring, vibrant, and award-winning facilities for older people and those with disabilities.


Dr. Mark Mofid is Making Implants Safer

As a plastic surgeon, Dr. Mark Mofid continues to work at making implants safer for his patients. He earned his degree at Harvard and Johns Hopkins University. He has several medical establishments in the San Diego area and is one of the best in his field.

Dr. Mark Mofid is an innovator and continues his efforts to make implants safer. He is well known for the improvements he has made to implants. When he first started out as an implant surgeon, he realized right away that implants were very generic in design. He wasted no time in redesigning them. He improved the ratio of the implants which resulted in a better placement and a better-looking product.

Dr. Mark Mofid has also improved the process of implant surgery. He is always looking for ways to make improvements so that his patients have a smooth and stress-free experience. When he first meets with his patients, he listens to them very carefully. He wants to understand their concerns and needs. He seems to have done an excellent job at listening and understanding what his patients want as he does not have to spend money on advertising. His patients come to him by word of mouth.

As the doctor continues his career, he takes the necessary time to learn and seek out improvements in his field continually. He works closely with one of the best implant doctors in the world. Dr. Raul Gonzales is based out Brazil and has been working in the implant field since 1984. He has performed thousands of surgeries over the decades. Dr. Mark Mofid has taken the opportunity to work with Dr. Raul Gonzales to benefit his patients.

Dr. Mark Mofid is very passionate about his work and continues to look for improvements and advancement opportunities in his field. His primary goal is to make sure his patients are delighted with the results of his work.

Rocketship Education Rockets to Close the Growth Gap

Measurements of proficiency and growth play a fundamental role in the determination of a child’s academic progress. However, it is important to acknowledge the difference in proficiency and growth. Growth exhibits the amount that a student has learned over an allotted amount of time while proficiency is strictly a measurement of grade level. Academic instruments such a MAP, or Measures of Academic Progress, allows us to track individual student growth over a the course of an academic year. While it is important to track the growth of all students, tracking the growth of poverty stricken students is crucial because they often fall significantly behind in rates of growth and proficiency. Since their initial opening, Rocketship Public Schools has been using MAP and haven proven the value of emphasizing individual student growth over proficiency. Despite common assumption, it is possible for economically disadvantaged youth to grow more than a grade level. Rocketship Public Schools has closed the growth gap among disadvantaged youth with their implementation MAP and their prioritization of individual academic growth.

Rocketship Education is a network of charter schools founded by John Danner and Preston Smith in 2006 with approximately one thousand employees. Rocketship Education is a nonprofit public elementary charter school that aims toward repairing the growth-gap among economically disadvantaged children. The schools focus on personalized learning to match the individual academic and growth needs of their students. In addition to personalized learning, the school also depends on methods such as parent engagement, teacher diversity, and technology to aid in the closure of the growth gap.

Parent engagement is developed by building programs to propel parents into political leadership among their communities. Parent engagement with students is promoted with the annual home visits that the school makes to ensure parent student engagement. Teacher diversity also plays a fundamental role in children achieving their highest level of academic achievement. Teachers who belong to different races, ethnicity, and backgrounds has a huge impact in student learning. Rocketship Public Schools also ensure that their teachers embrace personal growth and feedback with a willingness to learn and master their teacher skills, even teachers with seniority.

Joe Arpaio is pardoned by the President Making Lacey and Larkin Extremely Unpleased

Without a doubt, the history of presidential pardons in America has never been this unusual to the point of the ordinary citizens running to the streets to riot. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

The recent pardoning of Sherriff Joe Arpaio by President Donald Trump is not only inclined towards creating a social discourse but also shaping one. Alongside describing him as America’s toughest cop, it looks like the justice system has been compromised this time.

Background Data

Most people may probably remember him as the sheriff whose heinous acts cover the wrongful imprisonment of immigrants and Jim Larkin as well as Michael Lacey, the two owners of one media house called Village Voice.

What Happened?

On one evening in 2010, when Lacey and Larkin were in their separate homes with their families, of course, black USV’s approached their homes and in were the Maricopa Selective Unit Agents who forcefully found their way into their homes and arrested the duo. Unknowingly to them, the arrest warrant was facilitated by Joe Arpaio.

The two men were forcibly hauled into the vehicles even after attempting to defy the arrest orders. Apparently, they were arrested on the charges of disseminating valuable information regarding a grand-jury.

The Village Media Paper

A more in-depth look into the series of events shows that Lacey and Larkin were the masterminds behind the entire saga of disclosing the misgivings of Sheriff Joe Arpaio through Village Voice Media publications and the Phoenix New Times. Unfortunately, they were unaware that the grand-jury was on their case.

The Cases

Because the media personalities were trying to expose his misgivings, Arpaio was devastated. However, the more he was depressed by the circumstances, the more media houses dug deeper into his character.

Other than that, his department was in trouble as well. This is in the line of his deputies’ attitudes and their aggressive ways of dealing with inmates. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

Well, on a few occasions, Joe Arpaio was commanded to stop arresting immigrants based on their races as that was an offense on its own.

Even so, that did not stop. He went on with his business, as usual, always making biased arrests based on how an individual also looked if innocence was appended to their character. Now the major issue of his arrest came up when he was ordered to appear in court.

Additional Information

Joe Arpaio decided to disregard the judge’s order by refusing to appear in court. At that juncture, the jury ruled against him.

Consequently, he became a character of interest to the judiciary. He was set to appear in court for other multiple issues including mishandling inmates, torturing them, segregating them and using his deputies to do all the dirty work.

The Overview

As well know, justice delayed is justice denied. Arpaio’s case has never seen the light of justice until now. Besides, President Trump has pardoned him. This is an actual demeaning move to the democracy of the most influential state in the world.

Well, Lacey and Larkin and not happy about it. Neither are law experts from different areas of specialty.

Breaking the DJ stereotype – Alex Pall and the Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers being a pioneering band in changing the entire concept of a DJ and developing an emotionality towards their work, Mathias Rosenzweig, tries to understand more about them and their vision.

In an attempt to understand, how the duo even came about, Alex and Andrew both recount their starting days within the music industry. Both artists being passionate about DJing and electronic music had already decided that their careers must be within this field, and when their paths crossed, they took no time in realizing that to work together was the way forward. The main reason for this click being that both the artists not only realized the strengths that the other brought to the table, but their level of enthusiasm, as well as, knowledge of the industry, was completely on par.

When questioned about whether being a DJ made having an image as an artist difficult, they admitted that it could have, but the duo had decided to deviate from the norm. Alex further elaborated, that they stopped limiting themselves, started being emotionally invested in what they wrote and the results showed. He also went on to explain that, this was an important step, unlike many other artists and DJs the Chainsmokers started writing songs which were based on their own lives and also had their original lyrics within it. It was within this struggle that a song like ‘closer’ emerged.

Mathias goes on to ask about the audience that the band is connecting to, and taking advantage of social media and the demographics that it displays, they explain how their audience over the years, has developed from being only college kids to be much more diverse and even international. This does pose a positive challenge to them while performing, as they have to not only ensure that the shows are unique and exciting but also that they cater to the various age groups that follow them. To them this is key, the pressure and the willingness to always improve and to always deliver better, while staying true to themselves.