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Palenque Sarcophagus Lid of King Pacal
HISTORY:  In the city of Palenque, in a temple on top of a pyramid, the archaeologist Albert Lluillier found in 1952 the access to a funerary cript that houses the sarcophagus of the King Pakal Votan the Great (615-683 A.D.). The Soviet scientist Alexander Kazantev advanced the theory that the relief on the lid of the sarcophagus represented an astronaut and his spaceship, but according to the Mayan legend, the symbolism of the lid shows King Pacal falling into the jaws of the Earth monster each night to rise again with the power of the sun each morning. Its teeth are enlarged to demonstrate its encompassing power. At the top is the mythological "Moun" bird. The pillar-like construction above Pacal's head is the tree of life. The original lid in Mexico is twelve feet long and weighs 5 tons.
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Product Information
Product Number: #P-091S
Type: Wall Relief
  Material: Bonded Stone
Finish:  Antique Stone
Origin: Temple of Inscriptions,
   Palenque, Mexico, 692 A.D.
Size: 14" tall, 8.5" wide
#P-018S, King Pakal head statue on ceremonial base. 11" tall. #P-00
Bonded stone "wall fragment" reproduction, 8" tall. #P-004S.
Reproduction of sarcophagus lid from the tomb of Pacal the great in Palenque.
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King Pacal
Wall Relief
King Pacal
Head on
Ceremonial Base
King Pacal head statue on ceremonial base, stone finish
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King Pacal Head on wall fragment, antiqued stone finish