Perry Mandera Contributions To The Community

Custom Cares Charities is an organization that was founded by Perry Mandera and being a charitable organization, it has its links transport dedication industry. Perry Mandera is a man that has been constantly striving to assist other people. He is also a family man entrepreneur and he cares about his wife and children. He is a faithful churchman. In addition to that, Perry Mandera is a great fan of sports and also a proud man who worked for the United States. He served in the marine corps reserves and he is the board of directors at Illinois Trucking Associations.


He attended his high school education at Chicago where in 1975 he graduated to join the army after and assigned to be the motor pool. While he was performing his motor pool duties, this is where Perry Mandera learned to drive trucks. He was given an honorable discharge from the marines and joined back to the civilian life. In his life, he has worked for different companies especially after leaving the marines. He even started the transportation company that he later sold it after a service of five years in 1985.


As a philanthropist, Perry Mandera has been able to make some contributions that make him not be like other ordinary entrepreneurs. What he has been believing is giving back the community through donations and he has been able to donate some substantial amount to different charitable organizations. He has many dedications especially for the veterans and young people. In addition, Perry Mandera has offered his time and donation money so that he could help the organizations that are fighting against cancer eradication.


He was able to donate to some of his favorite charities like Walter & Connie together with Jesse White Tumblers with money for their transportation needs. In winter, he donated 6,500 coats to those children who are underprivileged that reside in Chicago and other surrounding localities.


He is always proud of what he does and therefore he even helps in coaching those youths that participate in baseball., football and basketball teams. He supports professional boxing where he offers financial support so that he can help some local boxing competitors. For example is Donnell Nickelson who participated in 1992 Spain Olympics in Barcelona.

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Perry Mandera Sets the Standard for Charitable Giving in Chicago