Securus Technologies Moves To Counter Drones From Delivering Contraband

Drones are quickly becoming part of our lifestyles. They are popular in photography, facility inspections, and small parcel deliveries among numerous other applications.

However, drones are being used in prisons for far more nefarious activities. An increasing number of inmates are quickly appreciating the technology’s potential and putting it to practical use. They are being used to ferry contraband to inmates.


Drone-related security incidences


The drone incursions are considered the latest and most creative assault on public safety yet. Securus Technologies is at the forefront of providing public safety solutions to prisons.

True to our pioneering legacy at the Dallas-based prison technology firm, we are taking the new drone challenge head-on. We are at an advanced stage of testing drone detection technology. This strategy is an impeccable counter-move to combat the threats from drones.

In the recent past, we have seen a marked increase in the use of unmanned aerial vehicles to supply contraband to prisoners. This problem is affecting a number of our facilities, and we are unequivocal about getting to the bottom of the issue.

The contraband includes mobile phones, weapons, and various drugs among others. Drone technology is pushing at an alarming rate.

Cutting edge drones have also become more affordable. We have detected an increase in the number of incidents in facilities associated with drones. More federal and state facilities are reporting drone-related security incidences across the country.

For example, a drone was used to deliver tools to an inmate in South Carolina. He used the tools to attempt an escape. In Ohio, a drone was used to deliver a cocktail of drugs to a prisoner.

On a related note, correctional services in the Cayman Islands use drones to protect the facilities from drug smugglers. Numerous commercial and private applications are guaranteed to take the technology into the future.

However, even though the bad guys seem to have a head start, we are hot on their heels. Soon, we shall declare our facilities drone-free zones.


Our advantage


As the leading prison technology company, we serve over three thousand facilities across the US. In a list of many firsts, we pioneered a system that controls the prevalence of illegal cellphones.

We were also the first on the market with a successful wireless containment system. The system stops illegal cell phones from connecting to the mobile communications networks from within our facilities.

Our new drone detection system is based on the same basic technology as the wireless containment solution. It leverages an advanced digital antenna solution that enables real-time scanning and monitoring.