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Crocodile God Sobek Statues

The name Sobek means "Crocodile", and Sobek was the Crocodile God of Water who was associated with the River Nile, and much favored by the pharaohs of the 12th and 13th Dynasties of ancient Egypt.  Hand-finished in gold with rich color details, he is a dramatic and eye-catching accent for your home or office decor.
MYTHOLOGY:  The name Sobek means 'crocodile'. He was a crocodile god much favored by the kings of the twelfth and thirteenth dynasties. Many of the rulers of this period chose to bear names such as Sobek-Hotep, which means “Sobek is merciful”. His main place of worship was in the Nome of Faiyum of which he was the patron deity. His temple there had a holy lake where a sacred crocodile named Pet-Sobek “he who belongs to Sobek” was kept.  He had associations with the god Horus and a further identification with Ra led to a form of the crocodile with the solar disk on his head. He was usually represented as either a crocodile or a man with a crocodile’s head. Sobek was a god of the water. Ancient Egyptians believed the Nile River issued from his sweat, and that he “made the herbage green”.
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Product Information
Product  Lge: #E-214GP; Sml: E-339GP
• Finish: Gold with color details
• Type: Statue
  Material: Bonded marble
• Size: Lge: 15" tall; Sml: 10.5" tall

Standing statue of the Crocodile Head Egyptian God Sobek
Anubis God of the Dead
Standing Statue
Anubis, Egyptian God of the Dead 13-inch Standing Statue
E-203GP, 8.5 invhes tall. Gold with color details. 
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