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2nd Hand Smoke Heals: The ChainSmokers

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart make up the American production duo known as The Chainsmokers. This Dj and production crew has been a staple in the EDM and Pop sector of music since it’s 2014 smash hit #Selfie. This song was a top 20 accomplishment in numerous countries. Their song Don’t Let Me Down was their first top five single and earned them a Grammy for best dance recording during the 59th awards ceremony. They would progress and eventually attain a number one single with the song Closer. Some of their other accolades include to American Music Awards and five iHeartRadio Music Awards. Prior to their formation, Pall had been employed at a New York art gallery while attending New York University and Taggart was attending Syracuse University while interning for Interscope records. They initially began by remixing popular indie bands via SoundCloud. The duo’s first live show took place in September 2014. It was a major success and they skyrocketed. They inked a deal which consisted of a joint venture with Sony Music Entertainment. Although they initially had no plans for a studio album, they ultimately released Memories… Do Not Open in 2017. The album was certified as platinum within four months of its release. Proceeding the success of their debut album, The Chainsmokers made the Forbes list as the third highest paid DJs in the world. This was a result of earning over $38 million over the previous 12 months. In January 2018, they released the single Sick Boy. This was the first single since their studio album debut one year prior. They followed up with the song You Owe Me one month later. The Chainsmokers continuous momentum lead them to the number one spot on Billboard’s Dance Top 100 in 2018. The duo has no intentions of slowing down as they are working on their second studio album and constantly on tour. Their story is one of perseverance, faith and passion. All of their music can be found on every music streaming site including YouTube. Their dedication for what they do keeps them going as they see the impact that music has on the human life and experience.


Breaking the DJ stereotype – Alex Pall and the Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers being a pioneering band in changing the entire concept of a DJ and developing an emotionality towards their work, Mathias Rosenzweig, tries to understand more about them and their vision.

In an attempt to understand, how the duo even came about, Alex and Andrew both recount their starting days within the music industry. Both artists being passionate about DJing and electronic music had already decided that their careers must be within this field, and when their paths crossed, they took no time in realizing that to work together was the way forward. The main reason for this click being that both the artists not only realized the strengths that the other brought to the table, but their level of enthusiasm, as well as, knowledge of the industry, was completely on par.

When questioned about whether being a DJ made having an image as an artist difficult, they admitted that it could have, but the duo had decided to deviate from the norm. Alex further elaborated, that they stopped limiting themselves, started being emotionally invested in what they wrote and the results showed. He also went on to explain that, this was an important step, unlike many other artists and DJs the Chainsmokers started writing songs which were based on their own lives and also had their original lyrics within it. It was within this struggle that a song like ‘closer’ emerged.

Mathias goes on to ask about the audience that the band is connecting to, and taking advantage of social media and the demographics that it displays, they explain how their audience over the years, has developed from being only college kids to be much more diverse and even international. This does pose a positive challenge to them while performing, as they have to not only ensure that the shows are unique and exciting but also that they cater to the various age groups that follow them. To them this is key, the pressure and the willingness to always improve and to always deliver better, while staying true to themselves.