Thanks Stansberry Research for Opening My Eyes to Trends Facing Berkshire Hathaway!

Stansberry Research excited me again with this article relating to Berkshire Hathaway. It seems that Warren Buffett is investing in companies that have not mirrored his past investments. Stansberry Research shares with the public just how much Buffett might be failing in his investing endeavors. The icon who once only invested in businesses with strong management and low capital needs has switched his focus. Two of Berkshire’s beginning companies, Coca-Cola and Gillette have strong management and needed very little capital upon initial investment because of their brand. The household names alone prove to be a winning choice for any investor. Utility and transportation companies, with names no one will recognize has now become Buffett’s focus for the last few years and it is not looking good for Buffett. It seems unlikely that Buffett would put his company or livelihood in jeopardy but Stansberry Research has never given advice that proved to be faulty. Stansberry Research reminds us that Buffett promised dividend payouts if numbers fall too low. Buffett might have to start issuing dividends to shareholders if he keeps investing in the companies with initially high capital needs. This information is clearly a public service for the readers of Stansberry Research. On the other hand, our government might believe Buffett to be smart. Utility and transportation companies need assistance from our billionaire friend Buffett in order to prosper. The investment comparison provided by Stansberry Research reflects the changes in Buffett’s investing. Most of the companies Berkshire owns are insurance companies, these companies have proven to be low risk, inward cash flowing investments. Buffett surely knows that as long as he retains the insurance companies and their ability to bring in a positive cash flow year after year he has room to invest in companies that have high capital needs up front. Stansberry Research wins again with overwhelmingly awesome content and statistics to prove their point but no one can positively state that Buffett is going to drain Berkshire Hathaway by simply re-focusing his investments.

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